Death dreams ?

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Forums -> General Info -> Death dreams ?

Death dreams ?
Post # 1
Lately i have been having dreams of someone dieing and now my uncle died. What is this ?
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Re: Death dreams ?
Post # 2
Like you said. You had dreams about death and your uncle died. You were foreshadowing something. You might friend may have physic abilities, everyone has them. Dreams are something mystical.
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Re: Death dreams ?
Post # 3
What psyhic ability would it be ?
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Re: Death dreams ?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Death dreams can be interpreted in 3 ways.

1 straight forward prediction of the person's death. These are normally warnings and very detailed, leaving you feeling like they have already died when you wake up. An uneasy feeling sits with you and you feel as though you actually saw someone die.

2 psychologically they could be metaphorical as a change or ending in your life or merely a "fear" dream. They're usually more auspicious and you wake up confused or frightened. The details of these dreams are forgotten quickly if not written down, although the fear may remain and these dreams usually repeat nearly identically or with similar themes.

3 there is an old superstition that dreaming of death means birth of a child. But this won't occur unless you already know of this superstition as it will also be a precongitive dream but one full of symbolism and probably a bit random/chaotic due to all the symbolism. You usually remember these dreams very well and certain aspects stick out in your mind while the others fade and are forgotten.

Please don't jump to a dream dictionary. If I could, I would burn and ban all of those books (besides the purely psychological ones). Those that are categorized in the metaphysical section...terrible. The interpretations of intuitive dreams is within your own idea of things. The true interpretations depending on your upbringing, experiences and culture. When you experience an intuitive dream, your subconscious picks up the message then breaks it down in a way that you can understand based off the way your mind works.

Instead of a dream book, sit down and break down your dream into each separate subject that stands out.

Write the subject down at the top of the paper, for instance "spider" than below it write everything you personally connect to this subject, write as much as you can and then go over the repeated theme of your interpretation with a highlighter.

Some may view spiders as lucky, others as little buggers to fear and therefore ill luck, pain (if it bites) etc, or a representation of fear itself. Save these and create your own dream dictionary. I guarantee you, if you do this, your dreams will make way more sense.
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