Flameless candles

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Flameless candles
Post # 1
I just bought a white flameless, battery operated candle, and was wondering about how I would go about consecrating it? I read somewhere you use "Lucky Oil" or "Love Oil". Would that be safe for a battery operated candle? And how would I make/find it?
And would there be limitations on spellwork and ritual, like if something I wanted to do involved passing something through a candle flame? Would the flameless ones have the same effect as real ones?
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Re: Flameless candles
Post # 2
intentions are more useful than tools.. tools are just a way of setting your mind to a particular situation in doing magick.. if you would want to use battery operated tools or electronics, then do so but the danger of using electronics than the natural ones are much higher (especially upon consecrations, and if you are using liquids in rituals).. you should also consider your safety in doing rituals/spells..

namaste.. ;)
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Re: Flameless candles
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Although battery operated candles are safe and all, but I would rather choose candles that spill wax anyday. It's not just because of the safety of it or the convenience of just flicking a switch never striking matches ever again. I just would like to use a real candle as it gives a representation to your unconsciousness. The flame stands for activity and the color of the candle stands for something else (depends on the color.) I am not saying the flame less candle is obsolete, just that I would prefer real candles, there are no limitations to magick, but what you don't feel comfortable with limits your progress.

The thing is for me, if you consecrate a candle for a purpose or spell then it is suppose to burn out until the wax is all or mostly gone. This is a form of transformation or messaging from the physical plane to the astral plane, as the rule of all magick states: "It must be in the astral plane for it to manifest in the physical plane." As for annointing of oils, I do not think it is safe as most oils are highly flammable and the candle might spark (Yes, this does happen in some cases.) The flame less candle can still be useful but I urge you still not to use it and purchase the original candle. But you know, be creative see what works best :)
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Re: Flameless candles
Post # 4
I don't know, I'd be afraid to put oil on it, but that's just me. Beyond that, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.
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Re: Flameless candles
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
If you're using a battery operated candle then it is just for a focal point or to create the an atmosphere you desire. Atmosphere and focus points are very important for the beginner, and even the more experienced enjoy it. I take it you're not allowed to burn candles in your home.

I wouldn't do anything to it besides cleanse it with smoke. The "power" of a candle is within the flame's energy, the energy you place into the candle, and it slowly burning down, releasing the energy within you have charged it with. And since you don't have a flame or burning down activity, there will be no added "magick" to the item.
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