Successful Pregnancy

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Successful Pregnancy
Post # 1
This is just a simple charm made out of embroidery floss. You will need enough pink, blue, and white embroidery floss to wrap around your neck a couple times, and you will need to know how to braid.

The first knot symbolizes your seed. While braiding, chant over and over the following until you reach the end of the embroidery floss.

I braid for-
a heartbeat
2 hands
2 feet
a beautiful set of eyes
a bright smile
a happy 9 months
a strong body
a supportive boyfriend/husband
a supportive family

When you reach the end conclude with

"Let the Goddess watch over this pregnancy and make it successful. As I will it, so mote it be."

Tie the last knot, charge it with your energy, wrap the charm around your neck twice and tie it together. (make sure it is not too tight) Wear it throughout the pregnancy and redo it as many times necessary until your child is born.
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Re: Successful Pregnancy
Post # 2
Will this work with lesbian/gay couples
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Re: Successful Pregnancy
By: / Novice
Post # 3
probably not JD98, magic doesn't work against science. sucks but true. you could always go to a sperm bank, wouldn't be biologically both woman's kid, but biologically one and you'd both raise it. then, you could do this spell.

interesting spell Serris, not sure how well it would work, not pregnant, never have been, so never really looked into pregnancy spells.
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Re: Successful Pregnancy
Post # 4
To me it sounds like a protection charm that a woman would cast as soon as she found out she was pregnant, or early in the pregnancy. I made charms for my daughters but they were store bought jewelry my husband and i charged together. But I have used braids before and always had good results. So as a protection charm I'd say it would work for any woman who is already pregnant, no matter how she identifies.
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Re: Successful Pregnancy
Post # 5
has anyone got an idea for a pregnancy spell that i should do?
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