South wales,B or W witch?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> South wales,B or W witch?

South wales,B or W witch?
Post # 1
Hey, Is anybody from south wales and fancy meeting up practice witchcraft, spells etc together..
and not only that, I always thought I was a white witch over time I seen things on youtube saying witches that use spell casting on others are evil, black witches? Is this true?
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Re: South wales,B or W wi
Post # 2
hey yeah i live in south wales but where by do you live in south wales
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Re: South wales,B or W witch?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I'm not from Wales, sorry. But a witch is a witch no matter how you look at it; no matter what they practice - as long as the individual considers their self a witch. To do castings of spells on others does not make it black magick and therefore you a black witch. Nor does it make you a white witch to not cast on others. There is no colour in magick; no black or white, reds purples, greens, etc. Colour holds value to those who apply it; for example, a red candle for a love spell because red represents love. Some thing like that. Colour applies to that person just because he/she believes in colour categorizing. Which that's exactly why colour is generally applied - categorizing for easier learning and understanding. But despite that magick still has mo colour. Knows no difference between pink and blue. Magick is magick. Even though there are different ways to cast it's all, essentially, the same thing. What really makes the difference is intent. There's no good or evil in magick, either. Good and evil are concepts of the individual opinions by perspective. For example, a person may do a love spell (of no particular type) and the person who cast it says "oh it's good and not bad," whereas the individual hearing about it says it's evil. Personal opinion. So no, it's not evil to cast on others. But what your intent is for the spell cast, that's where it comes down to what who thinks about it being good/bad, right/wrong, etc.
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Re: South wales,B or W witch?
Post # 4
Yeah magic is neutral, it's what you do with it that defines you.
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Re: South wales,B or W witch?
Post # 5
Its all in the heart of the witch. Intent shows if the spell is to hurt or help. Casting on others doesn't define what kind of witch or magick it is. And as others have said, magick has no color. The colors are only used to describe it to someone. But it is in intent of the caster whether spell is good or evil. Blessed Be...
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