making a ghost appear?

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making a ghost appear?
Post # 1
I'm looking for a way to make a ghost show itself? There is a haunted location that I live near where many people have seen "ghost lights" at this location. Is there a way I can make them appear? I have tried provocation at this location and got some really decent evps, but what I really want is some visual evidence. Any tips?
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Re: making a ghost appear?
Post # 2
before seeking a meeting with "something", you should at least know a little about who you want to meet.
What is a ghost or ghosts. The classical view that the soul of a deceased person, which was the living in the real world in the form of a natural for a person in his life, but having no material body.
It is believed that if a person has been killed by violent means, enjoy suicide took place, the mental body of man is not soluble in ether, as it usually happens, but rather is tied to the scene or their remains, as long as one or the other will not be destroyed .

How to see a ghost? From the above it follows that is to look where something terrible had happened. Murder or suicide.

Most often, ghosts and phantoms inhabit the case, they can be detected in a psychiatric hospital, as no secret that quite often there is dying, and not because it's time, but because of the next treatment, which unfortunately culminated in failure.
as can be seen in old castles. There is also a way to see the ghost. Of course it is, of course, the infamous cemetery. Well, here to advise, something in particular does not make sense, because they see a ghost on a completely different cemeteries. Simply choose the center, the largest and most desirable old (the older the better) in your city. Well, perhaps, was the last way. Seance. Perhaps it is the worst option.
How to see a ghost? Take a camera with good sensitivity and a matrix of at least 5 Mp, insert a memory card (the more the better) and go to any place of the above. Once in place, begin to photograph everything, as ghosts and phantoms are usually almost transparent, and their eyes are rarely seen. It should not be photographed in a mirror or other reflective surfaces. Glare, appearing in such images, but will bring an element of doubt in their "natural" and his presence can ruin any good photo.
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Re: making a ghost appear?
Post # 3
Well this place is actually far out in the national forest. It's an old pioneer cemetery. The "ghost" in question is actually a 16 year old girl who froze to death in a tree trying to escape wolves. I have all the equipment necessary for this. I have 2 full spectrum digital cameras, 2 full spectrum camcorders all with the appropriate ir lighting also 4 digital voice recorders, the ovilus x, spirit box psb7, 2 em pumps, emf detector, and a mel meter. I'm more then prepared then I will ever be. I guess it might be a matter of luck or conditions.
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Re: making a ghost appear?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
That poor girl! Unfortunately such hauntings of a soul who has experienced a traumatic death, is usually caused because the spirit is not capable of moving on and is scarred. It may be dangerous for such a spirit to manifest because their actions will be just as predictable as a mental patient. If you really want to see her, put away the cameras, sit down in the very place she died or her grave, close your eyes and talk to her. Tell her you want to talk and you don't mean her any harm. Sit their in silence and meditate. Do this every day or evening. Once you get your first encounter with her and continue to show her your intentions are not malicious, she'll be more open about her presence with you. Then you can bring in a camera and tell her since you cannot see her, the camera will help you see her.

But if you do this, don't abandon her. Once she's allowed you the pictures or recordings you want so dearly, counsel her and get her to know she doesn't need to stay there, and there a far nicer existence for her elsewhere. Don't mention the "d" word...that is, don't tell her she's dead, in truth she's not, she went through death, and is existing in a different way now, but scarred spirits are holding onto their life and won't move on. You need to find out what it is that is exactly holding her back, be it fear of something, regret, or denial and break that, even if it means lying. It takes a lot of patience,so I hope you have some. When you've succeeded she will be capable of leaving.
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Re: making a ghost appear?
Post # 5
I think the dead should stay dead because there person is not going to be the same as he was in life he might be evil because of his sins since nobody is perfect
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Re: making a ghost appear?
Post # 6
No one said anyting about making the dead not dead. Having a ghost or spirit show its self is not bring it back to life. The only tips i would give is provide a source of energy for the the ghost to use to help it become as physical as possable, which granted is not very much but it will help.
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