weird experience

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weird experience
Post # 1
This was 2 years ago what i've experinced.
My history teacher had given me a assignment. So i chose egyptian civilization for my history assignement because i had a book and it would be easier for me to impress the teacher. After i thought about this, a week later i was all dizzed up i could not attenend the classes i was like going to black out. Then i sought the help of they doctor and then i came to know i had measeals. When i was ill with this dieases i usally had dreams of pyramids and lot more i can't remember and i don't how i got the dieases. So what really had happenend to me?
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Re: weird experience
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Sometimes you have dreams about the thing that is on your mind. So if you were having dreams about pyramids, you probably thinking about your school assignment while you were sick.

Just last night I was thinking about playing sims while watching Star Trek and I had a dream that all the Klingons came and slaughter all my sims. I know I'm a strange person.

But the point is dreams don't always have to have meaning or significance to them.

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Re: weird experience
Post # 3
No ,it was like every night i had the same dream till i had the illiness like i was feeling guilt.
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Re: weird experience
Post # 4
I think you just answered your own question you dreamt about this continuously because some part of you whether it be the concious or unconcious mind felt guilty in some way for not doing your assignment or attending the classes and do this happened in your dreams.

Freud stated that dreams were the royal road to the unconcious mind. The unconcious mind is the mind which protects you from yourself and so was trying to relieve any guilt or regret by making your mind think about your assignment at night.

Thats my thoughts I am not a trained psychologist at all and have only bee studying the subject for a year but I love it.
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