am i a witch?

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am i a witch?
Post # 1
hey i am new here but i no nothing about being a witch what do i need to know i had a little witch blood on my mothers side and my mom seen me do crazy things like wheni was five i flew out of bed! but when i touched darkness i fell? soo what do i need to know
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Re: am i a witch?
Post # 2
ps i was cleaning my grandmothers bedroom and i found a wand is it a real one? its has a red thin twig like bottom and a green ball at the top
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Re: am i a witch?
Post # 3
There is no such thing as "witch blood."

Every witch is self-made by their own choices and actions, and while lessons may be hereditary, witchiness itself is not.

And you tell us if your grandmother's wand is real. Which seems more probable - that she would own a magician's wand or a mystical-looking prop?
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Re: am i a witch?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Well I am not sure about your bed story but if your family does have a history of witchcraft than you can ask your mother or father, depending on which side the history is on. But there is no rulebook for witch's, it is more of how you take it and use it. Some people on this site use magic to impress others even if they have never done any of the magic. Others just try to correct other people to show how much smarter they are towards the other folks. And even some live in a D&D fantasy land. All that matters to you is what you believe in within your heart and soul. If you want to be a witch then you can, if you want to be who you are right now then go right ahead. Just don't make a choice that will bring you nothing or harm you in the process or end.

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