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Forums -> Astral Projection -> question

Post # 1
so in or on the astral plane can you basically be just about anything you want?
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Re: question
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
As I understand it, I think so.
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Re: question
Post # 3
I think you only get some things..
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Re: question
Post # 4
Yes practically you can go wherever you want !
But is not so easy to control yourself when you are in the astral body because every thought is immediately represented.
I suggest you to mediatate a lot. Then is more easy for you to astral project and to control yourself :)
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Re: question
Post # 5
"I think you only get some things.."

Sort of. That's like saying there are only "some things" you can have in your imagination. You can literally imagine any thing, but it will still be limited to imagination and you and I can't just imagine ourselves to a new location or imagine ourselves a brand new car into existence.

In the Astral you can create and interact with absolutely anything, but you need to realize it is a created thing and not the real thing. Like I could go watch the Hamilton + Burr duel, but I would essentially be watching a perfect recreation of it on the Astral - I wouldn't be time traveling. I wouldn't actually be in the past and nothing I do there would have really happened, and even if Hamilton and Burr exist as ghosts somewhere, this won't be them (though this totally won't stop me from kicking the astral Hamilton square in the butt).
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Re: question
By: / Novice
Post # 6
The response above mine is correct. You cannot, for example, make a bunch of money in the astral realm, then stop projecting and be filthy rich.. You can, however, experiment with different types of energy work, or shielding, as it is easier to visually manifest the energy in the astral realm.. Also, I suggest you go and read this: before you start projecting very often or for long periods of time..
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Re: question
Post # 7
From my personal experience, there are still some restrictions. You cannot effect the physical plane from the astral plane. Now some of the laws of physics still apply, such as Newtons Laws of Motion. And that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

As for fighting in the Astral. There are those who are stronger than you. There are many beings on the Astral. Demons and Angles reside on that plane, as well as deities.

As for imagination, well in the Astral there is a lot of visualization involved, as for creating your own reality, you can in away, but not really.

The Astral is a dimension that is pure energy. From my personal experience, there Is already a reality that existed their long before humans were even in existence, keep in mind I am speaking from personal experience, which can Also be converted as my opinion, for as far as the Astral Plane goes, there is no solid proof or evidence.

If there is I would like to see it.

Balanced Blessings.
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