Help explain. Ghosts??

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Help explain. Ghosts??

Help explain. Ghosts??
Post # 1
Sometimes I hear noises around my house. It started off small like hearing rodents walk across my floor, but that could have actually been an animal. The first event that freaked me out, one night I was laying in bed and I heard a noise on the floor at the foot of my bed. It sounded big like a raccoon or something big but I know for a fact nothing was there. A few times I have also heard this bubble pop kind of noise, in different places. The next things that happen, while I'm at home alone I hear footsteps on the second floor above me. I know I have 2 pets and they do go in the room above me but it sounded louder, human. I hear that a lot. Almost everyday I hear footsteps somewhere in my house. Recently I have been hearing voices. Sometimes clear words. The voices are sometimes sounding like my mothers voice but a little off. Sometimes it's a different female tone. ( for the record my great grandmother died in the guest bedroom of my house and, for example, whenever the wind would blow the door shut my mother would always brush it off as my great grandmothers ghost) can someone help explain what this is??
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Re: Help explain. Ghosts??
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Spirits. Nothing to worry about. Spirits exist everywhere, there is no escaping them. They live parallel to us. As long as they aren't doing anything malicious just leave them be. If you are scared, cast a protection on yourself everyday.
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Re: Help explain. Ghosts??
Post # 3
Thanks for the post. it does frightened me sometimes. But now I have a protection charm with me at all times. It should keep me safe from any spirits that might want to harm someone. But I still wonder if it might be my imagination. I believe spirits are around us but why can I of all people hear them?
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Re: Help explain. Ghosts??
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Spirits are all around us, my friend.
But you shouldn't be worried or scared, most of the time they don't want to hurt you but are just trapped here and cannot find a way out for whatever reason.

There is a chance that the spirit is of your great Grandmother, since she did pass in the home. Usually spirits stick around where they pass.

I've been around a good amount of spirits myself, seeing how my house is very, very old. But like I said, usually Ghosts don't want to cause harm but want attention of some sort.

If for any reason the spirt starts to show evil and negativity you might want to banish it, and theres many spells on this sight that will help.

But all over, its nothing to really be worried about, its understandable if you're freaked out or surprised by the entity. But its a natural thing.
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Re: Help explain. Ghosts??
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Spirits are people too, no need to fear them if they're not being malicious. And even if they are malicious, there is still no need to fear them. That's when you kick them in the backend and send them packing (banishment). I have a protection on my home that only allows those with good intentions in and keeps out those that do not. So when I hear something, I just say hello and continue whatever I'm doing. If the spirit keeps up the racket, I ask them what they want. If you can hear them, then you'll be open to hearing the answer. Some like to hang around people like ourselves because they know we will banish anything nasty that comes around us. It's a lot like a woman running into a biker bar knowing fully well there are tough guys inside when someone creepy is following them! =)
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