Help? Study-related spell

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Help? Study-related spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

So, I'm suppose to graduate this August, which I don't even know anymore. I got all my classes out of the way except this one Statistics class that I've already taken twice. Before I go on, please don't laugh... I don't do well with failure, yet it happened to me twice for this one class.

I have to take it a third time tomorrow for summer. I know all my material, I study hours on end to even memorize formulas, and I recognize the problems as well. Yet, when the test comes around, it's like I never seen them before and I know why, it's because the problems are worded completely different from what the professor lectures.

I've tried burning rosemary incense when I study and have came to the point to leave my gris-gris bag (for school-related) on my desk for my final last week.

Can anyone suggest what will help boost my mind more for this subject or have a better way to retain my memory, or anything to help me pass this class? I found out 60% of students who take Stats on my campus fail. But, I need this course to graduate.

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Re: Help? Study-related spell
Post # 2
Try meditating on your studies and coming up with different ways for the questions to be stated. Any questions you remember from previous times write them down along with your own created questions. Then, test yourself and try again till you are able to do it correctly. Meditating will help keep your mind calm and clear to the flexibility of the questions you may be presented with.
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Re: Help? Study-related spell
Post # 3
A study spell i can remember my time at colledge you try to remember all you have learned and pass the exam maybe more belief in yourself.
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Re: Help? Study-related spell
Post # 4
thre is a memory spell on the site so perhaps could try that good look with your exam don't be negative.
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