Bad Dream

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Bad Dream
Post # 1
My daugther gets this bad feeling sometimes and when it comes on usually something bad happens, not to her but to someone else. the other night she had a bad dream I don't know what it means so if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. The dream is this: the dream is in a church and there is a woman with blonde wavy hair and she has the face of a dog and she is possessed, so my grandpa (a preacher) and a few other preachers got the demon out of her and as soon as they did a woman with shoulder length pitch black hair, she was very pretty, fair skinned and wearing blue, she just seemed to appear out of no where and she came walking up to my grandma and me like nothing happened and as soon as i seen her i had the worst feeling in me, it was so bad that i felt like i was going to throw up (like butterflies and panic in your stomach at the same time)and then the dream was over. A couple of days after the dream my daugther looked out her window into the back yard and the same bad feeling came over her it was so bad she started crying said the feeling wasn't about her but she could feel there was something wrong. What do i tell her this is she has these feelings and De'jav ue all the time. (she doesn't watch scary movies either doesn't like them) Please help.
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Re: Bad Dream
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Bad Dream
By: / Novice
Post # 3
being inside the church is to seek spiritual guidance and uplifting ones spirituality in times of hardship, and/or you are in need of guidance.

a person with blonde hair symbolizes glamour and enjoying life, the dog face i'm unsure of, what type of dog was it? or what colour? a dog represents loyalty, but if it was vicious then it means controlling situations.

a priest is spiritual guidance, but since it's her grandfather, a grandfather is protection and wisdom. exorcism is a step towards goals.

blue is wisdom and a dress is feminine, so feminine wisdom.

the whole bad feelings and the deja'vu thing i'm not sure what you should tell her. as a kid i went through the same sort of things. i remember having this reoccurring dream where i jumped off the second story of my grandparents house and floated down into the dining room [there's an opening in the second story that you can look down into the dining room] for years whenever i entered the dining room from the one doorway i go so light headed i had to lean against the wall for balance. it just went away one day. these things never scared me, my grandmother [other side of the family] told me the woman on that side were psychic through our dreams, and i took comfort in that, i knew what was going on.

what you should do, depending on her age, is try and get her into meditation, chakra work, it will help her control it somewhat. look into herbal teas for her stomach and nerves, but you should find someone who can help teach her so they won't run wild.
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Re: Bad Dream
Post # 4
Thank you for your advice Nekoshema, my daugther is 22 yrs old. and has been reading the articles on this site about chakra and she is going to start meditating. she said the blonde womans face just resembled a dog couldn't make out what kind of dog though but the color was a tan/brown.
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