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Post # 1
Message to all Pleiadians. I was just awakened. It was massive and pure ecstasy. I can feel the light of love. Anyway if you are
Pleiadian then message me. And I will not explain this to anyone. If on one contacts me that is fine. But you know who you are if you know this word.

Re: Pleiadian
Post # 2
I'm glad you've found your origins, but couldn't you have put this into one of your other two threads about Starseeds?

Re: Pleiadian
Post # 3
What are Pleiadians?

Re: Pleiadian
Post # 4
Oh yeah I guess I could. You see I am slow sometimes lol. And I told you Arcadian I am not explaining it. This is a call to beings like me who KNOW they are like me.

Re: Pleiadian
Post # 5
Arcadian, they appear to be helpful, spiritually-oriented aliens.

Re: Pleiadian
Post # 6
This book was written by a Pleiadian (one chapter details his discovery of this). He is the most talented healer I have ever seen and teaches the most effective healing technique I've ever used in this book.

Re: Pleiadian
Post # 7
I found a review from that book, though it's more about the author, that makes really really question his works;

"Having heard "Dr." Pearl interviewed several times on Coast to Coast A.M. and never challenged, I decided to attend one of his local L.A. appearances. Although I try to be open-minded about most anything, I've also been gifted with a sense of objectivity, too. I would have LOVED to have been swept off my feet in awe and admiration.

But for an hour before the good doctor's arrival onstage, a "barker" came out and in a quite convincing style championed the star attraction's gifts and the effect the man had had on his life. To be truthful, his performance was almost as good as what I'm absolutely sure was a planted shill in the audience.

After explaining his gifts and how they work, Pearl asked for a volunteer from among us who needed a curing. Like a shot, a somewhat grizzled man stood up like a jack-in-the-box. My intuition went right to work: Not a thing wrong with this man.
After explaining to the doctor, and to us, that he'd had an arm disorder (sorry, forget the reason why) for many years and that raising it past a certain level (demonstrated) was essentially impossible and painful beyond belief, Pearl busied himself with hands over and around him for several minutes. At the end of the performance (might as well call a spade a spade), he asked the man to now raise his arm.

Now, wouldn't you think a person who'd felt excruciating pain for years would be tentative about this...take a little precaution...feel it out with a soup?on of fear that maybe this hadn't worked...and if it hadn't, he might experience wrenching agony?

But for a long moment, this grizzled character surveyed the audience...creating an atmosphere of tension, anticipation, and suspense...then up SHOT that arm like an 8-year-old boy's when asked "Who wants out of school for the rest of the day to go to the Dodger game?"

That guy played his part WELL!! The auditorium was filled with MANY audible gasps! Gasps of wonderment! Absolute proof before their eyes.

Well, you can imagine the line at the back of the auditorium afterwards to sign up for further seminars, now the expensive ones, and to buy books and tapes. Boy, did the good doctor make a killing THAT day.

And the shill? That guy kept wandering around the table of items and the doctor, like a part of the organization. And I think the guy was very intuitive...because as I studied him to try to pick up on more clues relevant to his honesty or lack thereof, he gave me a hard, piercing look, as if he'd recognized the enemy. He seemed to know my thought was, "I'll bet you turn up in the audience of Pearl's next introductory Orlando." And to get just a little more feel for Pearl, I managed to ask him if his curing technique could work on animals, as I had an ailing cat. Pearl also recognized the enemy. I got the quickest, dismissive answer. One doesn't spend much time on a person one realizes he won't squeeze much, or any, money out of.
Of course, despite my telling you these observations were objective, they must be, scientifically, actually subjective. But...that's the way I saw it."

Re: Pleiadian
Post # 8
What does that have to do with Pleiadians? O.o

Re: Pleiadian
Post # 9
He claims to be a Pleiadian and was the author of the book just suggested.

Re: Pleiadian
Post # 10
I completely understand your skepticism Chrion, if I were there I wouldn't have believed it either. I probably won't convince you otherwise, but I swear that his healing techniques do work. I've never attended any of his seminars and haven't read anything besides the book I provided a link to above. I practiced the healing methods Pearl laid out and found the result to be even more effective than Reiki, which my Mom taught to me. I found Pearl's healing to be so effective that I use it exclusively. I'm sorry that the seminar was, quite likely, a sham. But I still implore you to read the book and learn an excellent, all purpose healing spell.

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