Crystal elixirs

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Crystal elixirs
Post # 1
How do you make crystal elixir? And once you've made one, what do you do with it, drink it? Any Info and recipes would be nice.
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Re: Crystal elixirs
Post # 2
Making a crystal elixir is easy. You can take a cup of water, alcohol, or anything you wish and place a crystal in it that represents your desired outcome. When you believe it is done and the vibrations of the crystal have been infused into the liquid, take the crystal out and drink it. The act of drinking the beverage is taking the vibrations of the crystal into your body.
You can also use an elixir as a rub for the skin instead of consuming it depending upon your desire.
Some people like to further charge the elixir under the light of the full moon.
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Re: Crystal elixirs
Post # 3
Well, it would be suggested that you don't put the crystals directly in the water if you have the intent of having the elixir consumed or otherwise placed internally into you. This is because there are a number of stones (even the common ones) that are poisonous when consumed, or will break off in water (crystal formations such as amethyst and quartz). Trust me, you don't want to be drinking crystal dust and pieces chipped off. Generally tumbled stones are safe, but it's always good to take the procaution.

Basically, you could start with two containers. The largest will hold the water supply. The smallest, which will go inside the first container, will have your crystals (No water contact whatsoever) The energy from the crystals vibrates throught the thin material, and into the water, which produces the same effect if you had the stones in directly. As said before, it is always nice to consider the hour/day you make the elixir, along with the option of setting it in the sun or under one of the moon phases. How long your elixir is charging under an element/stone mix is completely up to you or the recipe you follow.

-- Embrace
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Re: Crystal elixirs
Post # 4
Sounds easy enough, thanks to both of you.
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Re: Crystal elixirs
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I would suggest using tumbled crystals, as pieces won't be a problem. I was told by good friend in the magick world, priest in fact, that these drinks are really good. I would, however, check to make sure the stone itself is ok to ingest. Blessed Be...
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