Please Help Me :o

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Please Help Me :o
Post # 1
So name is Amanda and I have known that ive been a natural witch my entire life. It has always felt right to me, but as a child I was taught by a christian family that witchcraft was evil which I now know doesnt have to be what so ever. Anyway, my mother and I have been exploring our spirituality and both of us have grown and increased interest in psychic abilities, but I want to tell her about my interest in witchcraft and the Wiccan faith. Problem is I have no idea how she is going to respond to it. She has always been a very supportive mother with whatever it is i set my mind to, but i feel as If this is something she will stick her nose up at. Im worried about telling her and would really appreciate some advice!
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Re: Please Help Me :o
Post # 2
If you're 18+ then she legally can't do anything about it.
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Re: Please Help Me :o
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I would say feel it out. Get a good book on Wicca and leave it out. Read a few lines to her, offer for her to borrow the book (saying that she may find it interesting). Educate her about the religion and start up conversation about it. Take it from there and see how she responds. Drop a hint "you know what, this makes sense to me" "hmmm, maybe I'm Wiccan and didn't even know it!" See how she responds. Once she understands it's principles, she may be more accepting of your choice. After understanding the religion, if she meets your hints with aggression or negativity, then it may just be best to keep it to yourself unless you are living on your own.
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Re: Please Help Me :o
Post # 4
Thank you, that was very helpful
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Re: Please Help Me :o
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
When I first came out I was really nervous too. I was also raised in a Christian family.
When I told my Mom about it, I had some pages printed out and showed her some websites. ONce she saw that Wicca isn't as the Christians say it is she accepted it completely.
I suggest you find some infomation and websites or books about Wicca and the basic beliefs and show it to her.
She may be surprised or even angry at first, but the best thing to do is stay calm and try to explain it to her.
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Re: Please Help Me :o
Post # 6
Most Wiccans keep their pracice to themselves. Traditionally, they would. Back then if somone found out you were Wiccan, good luck. Many Wiccan books tell you to keep your Wiccan practice to yourself. Most covens make you pledge not to tell nor expose magick to none Wiccans. Wicca and Witchcraft are two diffrent things. Wicca is a religion, Witchcraft is more like a life style sort of thing.

If you don't want to tell her then whats the point? If you don't want to tell her....then don't. If you know its gonna lead to harm or anything like that then don't.
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Re: Please Help Me :o
By: / Novice
Post # 7
feel it out like WhiteRav3n said. it sounds like your mother would understand if you are given the chance to explain. sit her down and calmly explain yourself. ask her if you could explain in full [so she doesn't interrupt and everyone starts yelling] get a book explaining wicca [Wicca for Life by Raymond Buckland is my favourite] and ask her to read it. explain how there is no devil in the craft, magic is not evil, the intent of the caster will predict if magic is good or evil. explain the Lord and Lady, how your faith is earth based, and try to use examples from Christianity. Yule's parallel is Christmas, explain that one, tell her how prayer and chants/spells are very much the same thing, asking a greater beings for help.

if you're under 18 it's mandatory you tell them [when the time is right] but if you're older then you don't have to ever tell them, but what it sounds like you're close with your mother, and she'll understand. trust me, it's a huge weight lifted off you when someone you were afraid to tell not only knows, but understands and supports you. i was always worried to tell my grandparents, one day i found out my mom told them and they were fine with it, i was so happy i cried [which i never cry] it felt so wonderful.
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