spirit following me?

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spirit following me?
Post # 1
Hi,My apartment building is haunted. i live in a small country town and in my bedroom at night. I know there has been a ghost in tehre because I can feel it. But it never really bothered me until renecently "past few days" I get very cold and hear banging on the closet door and tapping in a corner. and a heavy breathing sounds in my ear at night while I try to sleep and do things. at my computer desk and bathroom and elevator. I am thinking it's following me around. Does anyone know of a cleansing spell or guard spell to keep me safe from harm? I have prayed and asked god for protection and that's it but it's till there. My mom is even hearing it now and confronted in the home.I believe its nothing good. can someone help?no I am not crazy it's just started becoming noticable.
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Re: spirit following me?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
This is my basic banishment/exorcism. It has never failed me.
You can begin it by grinding the ingredients together. No need for you to seal anywhere like I wrote for Chaos because you probably have nothing more than an average angry/malicious spirit that doesn't want to share his space. If it only resides in one or two rooms, leave those rooms for last.
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Re: spirit following me?
Post # 3
I thank you so much for posting this. However I can n ot find any sea alt where I live I am in the countrt and went out of town. any other ideas of what I can do so I can sleep at night. It comes up to my face and makes noises in my ears and gets icy cold
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Re: spirit following me?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
sea salt can be found almost anywhere, look in your grocery store, or a bath store or a pharmacy.

try wearing an amulet to bed for protection. you could charge a pentagram, or take some herbs for protection and place them in a drawstring bag. third option, if you could, is cast a circle around your bed.
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