Beginner spells.

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Beginner spells.
Post # 1 at this point, I've awakened my body. I can see auras, I can sense energy and I can astro-travel.

What's the next jump? Will logically it would be a first real spell correct?

What in your opinions would be a great way to start out? (Positive energy.)
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Re: Beginner spells.
Post # 2
The ability to see auras and astral travel at will won't exactly assist you in understanding spell work.
I suggest you keep studying. If spell work is what you're aiming for, you're studying a bit off topic. If I were you I'd look into spell composition type things like spell materials and how they're used or how spells work. I'm assuming you already grasp meditation and visualization so you should turn that sensing energy into controlling it.
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Re: Beginner spells.
Post # 3
Thank you very much for the advice.

I have a small comprehension of Magick, I spent a lot of my time focusing on energy.

I think the better question I should ask is...should I base the spell composition around my own energy?

(I have a book on it...just unsure how to use it.)
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Re: Beginner spells.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
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Re: Beginner spells.
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
When casting a spell many people, mainly to keep from losing energy and getting tired or worse, draw evergy from the area around them such as nature (plants, the Earth, moon, sun, etc...). The above post isn't exactly accurate. Your energy work and experience will definitely aid you in your spell casting as you will be able to more easily direct your energy into your spell casting. Many people have to learn meditation, centering, grounding, visualization, chakras, etc... which all combines to help them manipulate energy in order to successfully cast spells. I'm not sure from your wording if you meant whether you should use your own energy for spells or just energy as there are many spells that don't require ingredients, tools, or materials. The general belief seems to be that tools help a person more easily direct their energies or the energies they are wielding an example being using a photo to help focus a spell onto a person or a wand or athame to direct the energies.
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Re: Beginner spells.
Post # 6
Perhaps you should further your understanding and practice to which is most commonly called the 'basics'. Although these are not mandatory to ensure your success within magical practice they will most definitely be beneficial to you.

The typical 'basics' include meditation, correspondences (colours, tools, herbs, etc), energy work, circle casting, grounding, centering and so on.

Remember to take caution within spells and separate the possible and realistic from the impossible. Spells that claim they can make you fly, become a vampire/mermaid/etc should most definitely be ignored as these are ineffective.

In addition, I wouldn't say there are any 'beginner spells'. Each individual is different and what one may be good at, another may struggle- and vice versa. Find what works for you. Most people recommend protection and purification spells.

I suggest you roam the site forums and articles for information that could help you via the search bar.
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Re: Beginner spells.
Post # 7
Start nice and easy k
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