Dream Interpretation

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Dream Interpretation
Post # 1
Today I had a dream at night, myself and classmates at school, when I came home to my house there was a bit different than usual, I dreamed that I was in the living room there was a bar and people that I do not know in the real world. They drank and sat at the bar, they had the music loud and I went to the bathroom and locked the door. mobile phone was on the floor in the bathroom. In the bathroom has been light white-yellow candles. I looked in the mirror and try to do beauty spell. I went to do beauty spell because my face was different than in the real world. I talked words of beauty spell but not the whole spell. At a time when I uttered the spell, the lights extinguished, and it was dark. I was very scared. I came across another door out into the living room, people who have been drinking before they disappeared, and the music was no longer there was the silence. I went into the kitchen. There was my mother and sister in the kitchen. I sat in a chair and chatted with my sister. television turned on. And I remembered that I forgot in the bathroom my cell phone, I remembered that my ex boyfriend could text message to me. I was very scared, but I did not want to look for cell phone theme.
with my sister and I were hiding and thought that in the house haunted the ghost. I did not want to be next, that the ghost take me like other people from the bar.... and then I woke up ..

what does it means? And sorry for my bad english.

Thanks for help.
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Re: Dream Interpretation
Post # 2
Hmmm is your house haunted. If it is the party could be the last people to live there and your fear could be emotional scarring from your ex or a fear of what is to come. Or the spirit if your house is haunted
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