Spirit Animal?

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Spirit Animal?
Post # 1
Ok so I heard about spirit animals or totem animals from my friend. I decided to try and find mine, so I did a spell and ritual to find out. Then later I found out you have to meditate, and so I did. Im interested in wolves, so I thought that was my spirit animal. To my surprise, today I found a dead bird, so I buried it and had a funeral for the poor little guy and felt quite sad. Then later, I turned on the TV and the show was about birds...coincidence? I think not. Also, I was walking by a tree and a birds nest fell out. Im starting to think that is my spirit animal, but I still like wolves. Any advice?
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Re: Spirit Animal?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Your spirit guide is what comes to you when you meditate deeply and seek their guidance. Although you doubt the coincidence of the bird encounters I personally don't. There are many occurrences that can be magically related but far more that are down to sheer dumb luck. What I would say however is that when you're meditating and seeking your guide try not to expect what will come, let it manifest entirely on its own, once you start expecting things you start forcing any visions or emotions you receive. Also bare in mind that you may not have just one spirit guide, it's not unheard of for some people to have multiple forms that appear to them in different occasions or circumstances.

Personally my spirit guide has always appeared in two parts, a white and black raven identical in every other way that always appear together. I never had any real affinity for ravens before I encountered them, it's just what appeared to me.
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