i have a question

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i have a question
Post # 1
if you use a love spell on a person, and you two fall deeply in love and you both realese a lot of positive energy, than could the spell be broken or even reversed. isnt a spell that bends the will of another black magic? and what if they loved eachother without the spell, than could the spell still make them hate eachother. and what if you used a powerfull love spell than used a truth spell. would the truth spell have to be more powerfull than the love spell to obtain the truth. and if the truth spell makes them say or do anything, isnt that black magic too?

post script: please do not attack my labeling of black magic, i know the theroy that there is no black or white, simply different shades of gray. but only 49 ;P
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Re: i have a question
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
uh well love spells are manipulation and can be classified as black magick or at least very dark gray.
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Re: i have a question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
To understand how spells that manipulate mind/emotions work, you must understand human nature, and having a basic understanding of psychology helps too.

It's all in how the spell/ritual was/is done and how experienced the caster is. There are too many variables in magick to give a clear answer to those questions.

You need to know your own strengths, weaknesses, and understand how magick works for you in order to have an idea of how it will turn out. For instance I can influence living people/spirits/energy very well, but have me do a luck spell and...well there is no point, luck doesn't have a mind, heart or soul. Nothing would come of it. So I would have to work around it by perhaps bringing out the generousity and kindness of people around me. Everyone is different, that's why we walk different paths.
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