Need experienced help.

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Need experienced help.
Post # 1
I've been trying one of the simpler spells on here to try to solve a personal issue. Nothing invasive or risky, just a dream thing. I've been doing it for 3 days. When I got up this morning, after the onset of fuzzy images and mumbled words I can't seem to remember once I tried focusing, I got four lines. I remembered them for 2 hours after, so I wrote them down. I would like someone with long term experience in the craft to assist me in figuring out if:

1)This rhyme would work as a spell.

2) If it did, would other things be needed for it. For example, I feel like candles and a lot of meditation. But for all I know, a looking glass or still water might be better.

3) I'm a haiku writer, not a four line poet. When things out of the ordinary like this happen, do they always have a meaning? Or could it just be a coincidence?

Here's the rhyme:

I wish to see with my mind's eye,
What he wants from me to hide.
I call on his thoughts, memories, and dreams,
To know in our hearts what he thinks of me.
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Re: Need experienced help.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
It is uncommon although not unique to practice magick in your dreams and come up with chants and rituals. Since you're not 100% willful of the situation (your conscious mind hasn't consented to it) it won't actually create change unless you reproduce it while awake.

Since you are a practioner, your mind is naturally centered around magick. You have a problem and your subconscious is filtering through your thoughts/emotions and finding solutions. I would definitely use this chant and hold onto it for future use. It comes straight from your subconscious (which is closest to your higher self) so it will ring personally true to you and work far better than other chants, even ones you may write in waking.

It sounds like this would be used in conjunction with scrying or simply while meditating. It doesn't matter what medium you use when scrying because you've specifically said "in my mind's eye" which means you'll see them like a night's dream/day dream, in your head not on the surface of what you're scrying or through interpretation of movement (as you would with fire). So whatever you use as focus will be soley for focus, as an indirect tool, not an interactive one. Just be sure to keep your mind completely free of assumptions, like a child, wait in anticipation for the answer without any preconceptions.

Good luck!
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Re: Need experienced help.
Post # 3
I had not thought of it that way. Thank you ^_^
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Re: Need experienced help.
Post # 4
I thought looking at pictures brought on dreams didn't think that you could write a dream you learn all the time.
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