Smelling Roses?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Smelling Roses?

Smelling Roses?
Post # 1
So has anyone ever or ever heard of, smelling the scent of roses when none are around?
Being that i am a christian witch, i attend church. Yesterday me and my sister decided to sit up on the balcony for the service. Before it started, i mentioned how it smelled like roses, almost like a rose perfume. We were the only ones up there and it was a few feet up so i don't think it was anyone below us.
The smell stayed for a few minutes and then went away.
Does anyone know what it may have meant?
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Re: Smelling Roses?
Post # 2
I've had something similar happen recently, to do with a rose scented candle. I have trouble sleeping and one night when I was in bed awake my nostrils became filled with the scent of a rose scented candle even though I didn't have one burning at the time (or for that matter one not burning or even in the vicinity). I just took it as a good sign, because at least it was the smell of something pleasant. Actually I just googled it this is what I found: "The odor of roses and other smells have indeed been associated with certain saints. The hisotries of the saints shows that despite the lack of a natural explanation some saints give off a pleasant odor during life, in death and even after death."
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Re: Smelling Roses?
Post # 3
I have heard of cases when after excorsisms of a house or sorts that the interior of the house seems to become brighter as if light has shined in more intensely and the scent of roses appeared within. I believe it has something to do with the presence of God's blessings on the home.
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Re: Smelling Roses?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
In my family, when anyone smelled roses randomly in the house, it was said that a passed away loved one was near and visiting.

I've heard some say they smell of roses when praying to Saint Mary.

But since it was in a church, it could have possibly been someone who sprayed strong rose perfume (elderly women seem to like it). Or the use of rose water instead of holy water (which is common).
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