God and magic?

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God and magic?
Post # 1
I have just started studying magic with simple meditations and a spell or two. Ever since then I have felt both physically, mentally, and even spiritually powerful. I have had a feeling recently as if something is guiding me, granting my wishes, and even protecting me. I have never been a religious person only going to church two or three times in my whole life. I don't know if it's God, Jesus, the devil, or something entirely different. I would appreciate some insight on this and some possibilities on what's going on; thank you ahead of time for any help you may give me.
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Re: God and magic?
Post # 2
It could either be a spirit guide or your higher self.. you can message me if you have questions about them.
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Re: God and magic?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I agree with Morte.
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Re: God and magic?
Post # 4
I agree as well though it's a description more consistent with a guide.
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Re: God and magic?
Post # 5
Yes but what exactly do you mean by a guide or higher self and how could this being increase my strength and power in such a way?
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Re: God and magic?
Post # 6
Well I'm sure Morte would happily share this information with you if you emailed them.

I'll give you a quick explanation though if Morte would like to give specifics on later they can...
A Spirit Guide is an entity of some form that has some kind of connection to you and assists you on your path through life. Often times they provide advice and guidance when studying spirituality or magic of sorts. They can surface at any times in your life to help you along.
A Higher Self is another entity but has a deeper connection with and is typically represents one's ultimate goal of enlightenment. These beings can range in existence and can be rather powerful and it's often apparent to the one they've taken in, that being you if this in fact your higher self. They can act as guides but most of the time they wait for you to ask them questions in person...most of the time.

They don't directly influence your strength or power unless they decide that it's specifically something you need to be given. Typically you sort of develop things on your own simply with their guidance.
They can however make you feel "uplifted" or stronger in some way by their presence. Sort of like a refreshing gust of wind if you get what I mean.
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