going through a gate

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> going through a gate

going through a gate
Post # 1
One of the last times I was astral projecting I ended up in this place of total darkness with spirits just wondering around. They didn't notice me at first, but as soon as they did, they began to surround me. I made it through an opening and found myself alone except for a large gate which was dimly lit. As I was asking my boyfriend if I should go through the gate, I was suddenly pulled through it. I snapped back to my body quickly after that, yet since then I have been more in tune with whatis around me, and have been finding it easier to perform spells and such. Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone know where I was at? Any theories are welcome.
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Re: going through a gate
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Becoming more attuned to such things is often a bi-product of astral exploration. Exploration, first-hand study, etc. simply opens your mind to such things, and with that comes a deeper awareness of energies, and the way that all such things work. Thus the new ease with working spells and other such practices.

As for the gate... well, what was the tug that you felt? What was the intent? Examine the situation, what your intuition tells you about it, etc. All of the answers are at your feet, so to speak.
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Re: going through a gate
Post # 3
I guess the intent was overwhelming curiosity. That is normally what motivates me in any endevor. I feel like if I don't do something right away, I might not get the chance later. I'm assuming that the gate was a metaphore for mydeciding to open up to my spiritual side again. My gifts all seem to stem from spirits (seeing, hearing, helping them if I can), and I had a bad experience a while ago where I ended up placing all of my power into a crystal until I felt ready to use it again. I had been slowly regaining access to my power until this incident, since then I have finally allowed most of it to return to me, now that I have an arsenal of protection spells locked up into my mind for future reference.
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