A question :D

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A question :D
By: / Beginner
Post # 1

If I do a spell in a moon phase and day that's not corresponding to the spell,could it still work?

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Re: A question :D
Post # 2
As far as I know, yes. It just means the effects of the spell will be weaker.
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Re: A question :D
Post # 3
I agree, doing a spell on its corresponding day during the correct season, or during those special times such as on a specific moon phase, or during a lightning storm, rain storm, snow storm of heavy winds will give you a better result during the time the spell was cast but not doing it during these times (which I am sure most of us have done occasionally due to urgency etc.) Will weaken the spells potential. However I have known wiccans who hardly ever did anything on the right time of day or moon phasr who just simply spent more time at the end of each spell, spending time at the end visualizing believing and desiring their spell to work and things have turned out fine (from what they have said)
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Re: A question :D
Post # 4
Only if you set your mind into it. Its all about the mind and energy around you. Sure, the spell might be set and get its energy from that moon phase particularly, but you must substitute that energy.
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Re: A question :D
Post # 5

Well; A good time when to cast a spell is, when the full moon is in the sky and better when visible , when you are calm and relaxed, when you can focus on your desire (spell), light some scented candles or incense sticks to lighten your mind and air. Almost perfect conditions for spell casting.

While the full moon is a traditional time for rituals, spells can be cast anytime and anywhere. The best time depends on the practitioner, when, as mentioned above, one is able to be relaxed and focused. Uninterrupted privacy is also a consideration.

I wouldn't say that if you cast the spell in a day time and not when the moon is visible will disturb the spell or the energy, it really depends on your point of view about this. If you choose to follow all of the traditions and cast a spell in its moon phase and in its specific hour or when the moon is visible it would be good and even recommended, but if you choose not to cast the spell when the moon is visible and not when the tradition tells you to cast it - it is okay and you can do this if you choose to, again - it depends on you, your tradition, beliefs and what you think is better to do. This is just a recommendation and not an obligation, lots of things in magic are only recommendations but it is better to follow them. It is the same thing as choosing the proper tools for the spell like herbs and candles and if not, the colors of the candles, the proper hour and day, etc. But i did not say it will not help you or make the spell more effective, the opposite is the correct one. It is recommended and it can effect the spell well - recommendation are not given for nothing. Again - if you want to follow everything and you are capable to do this and you want to listen to the recommendation do it in the proper hour or when the moon is visible, but if you have some problems with following it and you choose not to- then do it, but it might be really helpful and effective for your spell.

Every practitioner can choose if he/she wants to follow a specific tradition or recommendation and if not to do it, so can you.
The proper hour is not the only thing that effect, but as i said before it is recommended and if you do it it might be better.

You might also want to see those recommendations:

  • The proper moon phase
  • The proper hour and day just, visibility of the moon (as asked here)
  • The tools we use in the ritual/spell
  • The proper spell
  • The beliefs of the practitioner
  • The experience of the practitioner
  • The mental condition of the practitioner
  • The will of the universe
  • The energy sent by the practitioner

So, those are things you might want to follow as well, the answer of your question is You and what You want to do.

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Re: A question :D
Post # 6

After i read the question again i have seen you meant to the proper day and time, i thought you were talking about something like "if it is okay to cast the spell when it is day but in the proper moon phase" , well the same things i said about that are relevant to this as well - if you choose to follow the tradition of casting the spell in the proper planetary day and hour it will be the best, but if not it would not make things go wrong. See the things i told you above, they are not only about what you have asked- they also edit about other traditions and recommendations you might want to choose to follow for casting your spells/rituals.
I was kinda talking about the same thing you asked about but from another side of that, those words are relevant about your particular question as well and you might understood, but i just wanted to make it clear since i didn't read your question very well. The things i told you are still correct and relevant to your particular case.

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Re: A question :D
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Moon phases, times, days, months, etc are optional. The only thing I ever incorporate is dark moon or full moon. But I will practice magick any day, any hour I feel is the "right" time. I don't use referrences.
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Re: A question :D
By: / Beginner
Post # 8

Thank you all :D

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