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Help plz
Post # 1
Okay i know this all is gonna sound super weird but ive been having some powers these days okay here we go
Also i have alot of dogs cuz we live out in the country and we hunt
1. The other day i was eating and my dog came up to me and was wanting some food u know typical dogs and without thinking i just growled and him and he ran away
2. Lately my dogs have been respecting me more like they keep trying to clean me and they bring me their food so yea thats weird
3. Um when my dogs howl i feel the urge to howl with them and ive been wanting to tear apart the cows that r across the road
4. Also when i get next to a radio it changes stations or gets fuzzy
I know all that sounds weird but i feel like im a wolf too and its freking me out plz help
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Re: Help plz
Post # 2
Oh yea ive been wanting to be outside nowadays and ive been staying inside ever since i havent been able to ride horses cuz my cousin was pregnant and i dont like the outside OH AND ive been hot blooded lately i dont know if the tale about werewolves r true but im starting to think it is plus my family has a history of having stories of us being close to wolves
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Re: Help plz
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
1) Dogs respond to such things naturally. Display aggression, attitude, anger, etc. and they will frequently respond to it. Look them in the eye, bare your teeth... or growl... and they will respond to it as they otherwise interpret you.
2) Likely your behavior has changed in a manner that leaves them interpreting you as the alpha, or some other similarly respected member of their pack.
3) I have no idea why you have the urge to howl. That is something to do with your own special brand of psychology.
4) Going near a radio can interfere with the signal. It can block the transmission or otherwise disrupt it. This is natural.

Don't freak out. The more you think you're doing something like this, the more you're going to just take on the qualities. This is basic psychology.
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Re: Help plz
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
To respond to your response:

Of course you want to go outside. You just said you've been stuck inside.

You could be hotblooded due to any number of qualities. The most likely of which is that you're a pre-teen or teenager and going through the hormonal chaos that comes with that age.

In conclusion: You are not a werewolf. Sorry to disappoint.

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Re: Help plz
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
I agree with awaketoolong. The hormone changes could be the cause of you feeling hot. And as far as being close to wolves, you have a lot of dogs, so obviously, you love dogs. Wolves are so close to dogs, they can even mate together to get a hybryd, part dog, part wolf. And there is no such thing as werewolf, so no worries there. Blessed Be...
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Re: Help plz
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Werewolves do not exist. They were a medieval explanation for the rabies virus. Do note how the original myths had nothing to do with people who could change back and forth at will, and only how people who were afflicted with the "curse" would rampage and kill in the form of a wolf... biting, clawing, and killing. Not unlike an individual with advanced rabies.

Do you have rabies? If so, congratulations, you are a werewolf. Get it treated immediately at your local doctor's, as late-stage rabies has no cure that I'm aware of.

This whole situation has nothing to do with spirits or demons, either. And last I knew wolves don't sit down and type.

Everything here has a natural explanation. You are a teenage girl with an active imagination.

Please ignore the roleplayers.
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Re: Help plz
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Basic Animal Kingdom Order.

You show dominance over an animal it will respect you and vice versa.
And the last one is just funny, I giggle at it.

The End
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