to break a hex

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to break a hex
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
A close friend was angry at a girl and tried hexing her but messed up and it backfired. It has affected him for 3 years im trying to break it. I made a sachet with bamboo but does anyone know a spell that will work? He did a hex to make everyone she love hate her but it backfired on him not affecting her at all help?
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Re: to break a hex
By: / Novice
Post # 2

it's karma. typically the rule of three, so it should be going away soon since it's been three years. i don't want to say it's his own fault, but he shouldn't seek revenge just because someone dumped him.

to attract love, get a pink drawstring bag, place some lavender and a rose quartz in it. charge it, visualizing being in love with another. do this daily. just remember to make the bag on the new to full moon phase, or it might not work.
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Re: to break a hex
Post # 3
Nota bene: that is not karma. Karma =/= the three-fold rule, backlash, punishment, and other such concepts.
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Re: to break a hex
Post # 4

As i understood, your friend has hexed someone and it backfire. Now he wants to remove the hex, right?

Any spell cast has the possibility to bring unexpected and detrimental results. For that reason one should always know how to reverse any spell cast.

He will need some angelica herb, rosemary oil, a piece of chalk or colored duct tape, a lighter, five white candles, a foot of string, benzoin incense, an incense burner, a compass, a piece of black cloth, a fire-proof plate or container, something of value to you. Typically the item of value is best if its jewelry, even the fake kind. It just needs to be something you like or have possessed for a long time. Be warned. He wont be getting this back.

He should start the ritual at the same time of day and in the same spot where the original spell was cast if at all possible.he has to Face east and use the chalk to draw a complete circle around himself. If he cant do this because of the surface he is on, he might want to use the colored duct tape to lay down a circle. From this point forward do not cross the circle for any reason as it will break the ritual and you will have to start over. He has to Put the candles out near the rim around himself in a circle.He has to Anoint the wicks and the candle signs with just a few drops of rosemary oil, then light them. He has to Put the benzoin incense in an incense burner and light it.

He can chant anything, her's and example: I cast a spell asking (Insert type of spell here); I now ask the favor of having the spell removed. I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own to show my spirit is true and my intentions are good, I give this (Possessions name). I transfer the spell into the (Possessions name) and render the spell broken. No harm may come from the ending of this spell. No further power shall it have. This is my will. So shall it be."

Then he has to put the item and the angelica in the center of the black cloth. He has to lift up the four ends of the cloth to make a bag.Tell him to tie the end of the bag shut with the string. He ought to place the bag on the fire-proof plate; pour wax from one of the candles onto the top of the bag and the knot he tied. Tell him to light the bag and let it burn down to ash. If theres anything left that the fire wasnt capable of burning, he must throw it away as soon as you are able.

Then he will break the circle and clean up your ritual supplies. The spell he cast should be undone.

This is my suggestion for a reverse spell, of course he can look into other things.

This is pretty complicated to do something with the backfiring thing, he should have thought about the results of the hex before he have done it without having any experience.
If he is over it and he has now good motives, the back firing thing might be solved out, but this already harmed alot of people- i do not promise immediate results!

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Re: to break a hex
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I don't believe it's any sort of punishment. I think the either he didn't know what he was doing and didn't cast it correctly, he included a spirit in the hex that didn't agree with the spell or didn't like him, or the girl had protection or a protective spirit around her that reversed it (I personally have a protection on me that does this, its extremely simple).

I'm sorry, but I find this post humorous. He obviously isn't experienced if he threw a curse that reversed and then has suffered with it for 3 years, not knowing how to break it. This is why people shouldn't work with things they do not understand.

Look up "uncrossing" ways (not here, or a real book) and pick the one you like. It's simple folk magick
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