Strange dream

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Strange dream
Post # 1
last night I had a strange dream, In the dream there was a black human shape shadow, (it was nighttime in the dream) this shadow came to me at full speed and it was inside my body I can feel it inside me, I couldn?t control my body as if I was possessed, then I attacked my mother and my sister, both their faces were covered in blood but they were still alive then I woke up (It was still dark outside)then I said to myself thank god it was just a dream, I went to the kitchen and my mother and my sister were there, the same shadow was in the kitchen it did the same thing, it went inside my body, I couldn?t control my body again, I ran outside, ran down the street next thing I was at my brothers house and I attacked him the same way as I attacked my mother, then I woke up again and I was like What the f**k. In the morning my mother said she had a dream as if she was fighting someone wearing black cloths and a black hat she couldn?t see the persons face. Does this mean anything or its one of those bad dreams? the most strange thing is that i woke up twice.
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Re: Strange dream
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Maybe a shadow is scarying you? Maybe it really is trying to posses you? I don't know but it could also be bad dreams you should cleanse your house and put protection spells on your house
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Re: Strange dream
Post # 3
When you ask for an interpretation from ten people, you're going to get ten different answers.

Personally, based on my experience in dreamscape, I believe this could mean:

- You need to embrace (See what I did there?) your 'shadow self' or the 'negative' qualities of yourself. Nobody is perfectly angelic. You may be having opinions or doing actions that don't seem right, and you're denying these things outwardly. You're telling yourself that you need to stop these thoughts, when really, it's OKAY to think that the shirt your sister wears (Example) is too small and makes her look like a preschooler. It's okay to be selfish for once and not hang out with your friends twenty-four seven.

- The whole attack could mean that you need to confront to them about something. Though it may hurt them (Emotionally, as the face is the pinpoint of all emotion) it is something that won't kill them to be said. This could mean that you need to confront multiple people for something they're keeping from you. If that isn't it, then you are keeping something from them and not wanting to tell due to their reactions (This connects with the whole not-embracing-your-shadow-self)
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