eyecolor change?

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eyecolor change?
Post # 1
hey i was goofing off with friend 1 day and they told me about this spell thatchanges your eye color so i tried it and i stood in front of my mirror and it was like my blue eyes were fadeing and red was coming ing but they kept fading back in forth. so here is my question. Can you change your eye color with your mind and a chant?

Re: eyecolor change?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
from my logical standpoint, no, magic doesn't work that way. it is a way to help you through problems in life. if you want red eyes, buy contacts.

i've heard of eye colour spells even before i joined wicca. i've never done it myself, but to change something set in your DNA by thinking really hard and saying something, i don't think it would work. if you are telling the truth though [which i take pretty much anything claimed online with a grain of salt] that is an interesting result, so i guess it would work. on a side note, ever seen the movie The Craft?

Re: eyecolor change?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3

The only way to change your eye color is through a glamor spell. This type of spell does not change the physical color of your eyes. This type of spell changes how one may perceive your eye color. Basically what happens is that your physical eye color does not change but the color that some other people see as you eye color may be different then your actual eye color. These types of spells don't work on those who are experienced in magic. Those who are experienced in magic will not only see the true color of your eyes but they will also know that you have put a glamor on them.

As for the results that you perceived in the mirror; those who play with this type of magic often will see or experience what they want to see not what is actually there. Your story would be more believable if your eyes had changed from blue to gray. The fact you claim red is a tell that you are role playing.

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