The brownie vs the boogie

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The brownie vs the boogie
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The brownie vs the Boogie

Brownies and boogies are both mystical creatures that belong within the goblin family . Even though they are both close relatives the are different in form and personality.

The Brownnies are small creatures with goblin like characteristics. They are often hairy, wingless , and wear tattered clothing.Brownnies Can be found in human homes and help with daily household chores. They usually do not talk to humans. Overall they are helpful little creatures.

Boogies on the other hand are odious creatures full of malice and greed. The are large goblin like creatures with large human like noses and gross warts that cover their bodies. I like to compare their body structure to that of a t-Rex . They have hunched backs an oversized head and short arms. They often wear dirty clothing and never bath.
The are household wreckers that make messes , eat all stored food , and frighten small children.
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Re: The brownie vs the boogie
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Nice post Tia.

I always thought of brownies as little house dwellers with brown fur that live in a single corner of the house. I believe they're where JR Tolkein came up with "hobbits" because in england they're called hobs. They're usually naked or wear torn up plain clothes. They're about two feet tall, have pointed ears, small noses and either long fingers or no fingers or toes (like they're wearing mittens and socks but perhaps the fur just covers them?). They like pancakes with honey and cream/milk on the side. They also like beer and bread. They can be nice to home owners if the owners are nice to them and give them sweet foods. But if they make him unhappy, especially if they offer him clothes, he can make living there very unpleasant! I wouldn't mind one around the house, I've never personally seen one. They sound like they are cute, although I don't believe they'd want to hear that!

I've never heard of a boogie, unless its akin to those creepy german elves that the boogie monster derived from. Those depictions give me chills.
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Re: The brownie vs the boogie
Post # 3
Yes those are the ones I am talking about.
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