can someone help me pleas

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Forums -> General Info -> can someone help me pleas

can someone help me pleas
Post # 1
I am a beginner with no abilty that I have yet to unvail, I am doing as much research and trying to do the basics and I have talked to other that are more advanced than I and have realized that no matter how good I become I cannot perform a healing spell on myself to cure me of my disease and all of it's problems that it has given me. I am blind and paralyzed among others problems. Can anyone here help me or even advise me more on what I can do. thank you
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Re: can someone help me p
Post # 2
I will help you to understand your question.

The answr is that you may not have done the spell correctly. Try again. Also you could maybe do a simpler spell to build up some experience as doing a spell on something this difficult needs a higher amount of experience.

If this does not work, and I genuinelyq hate to say this, but maybe it is the will of the universe.

Eileen Holland made a book on Wicca and a section of her book was about healing. She thought this was an appropriate subject as she has MS. She took a fact from a pshychologist that people experience
And Bargaining.

The one to work for is acceptance as this will help soften the blow of a diagnosis.

But keep at the spell. If nothing is working then acceptance is the key to helping.
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Re: can someone help me pleas
Post # 3
that's kinda ironic that you would mention m.s. because that is what I have. I have had this since I was ten and have accepted it because I have had plenty of time to since I am 31 it is just that I have gotten a lot worse and am a little worried. Maybe if I could just get my sight back or even walk again it would be ok.
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Re: can someone help me pleas
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Many cultures believe in physically healing through magick. It isn't always possible because there must be complete faith from both the healer and the patient. That's what makes it difficult and not consistently effective.

Have you ever heard of certain locations people flock to for healing? I remember one story I heard was of Saint Genevieve. Her body never decomposed. There is a water near the area where she was somehow tied in with her life, that people have been miraculously cured of their diseases and injuries from. I remember watching it on a documentary about 15 years ago and it stuck in my mind this long.

I've always loved Saints...the enlightened magick practioners that continue to work magick to help others even after death. What's there not to like?

This is just one of many such bodies of water/locations of documented "miracles". The key to it is belief/faith. So many believe, it fuels the magick of these areas. When people are healed, it boosts belief even more, strengthening the magick. The power of the mind is strong and the power of many minds, even stronger. Water is a catalyst. Magick is energy and just as electricity will travel through water effortlessly, so too does magick. Water is also believed to be a sort of conduit between worlds, so the manifestation of magick would be more likely to occur through water as a medium.

It would be worth it to do some research and see what place of healing you may be capable of traveling to. Be sure its one with documented miracles. But if you choose to do it, you MUST have full faith. Doubt is the killer of magick and pessimism feeds illness.
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Re: can someone help me pleas
Post # 5
Healing will only work if you believe it will work and you seem to not believe in it which lowers your energy and makes it have a VERY lower (I mean like next to nothing) chance of working
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Re: can someone help me pleas
Post # 6
I do believe in the miraculus of magic and miracles because I was one of them. I was in a comma and when I came out of that I was in locked in syndrome which they told my parents that I would never come out of, but I slowly came out os it and proved all of them wrong. I do not if was my will inside or my grandmother putting her holy water or what but either way I survived. So yes I do have belief in the craft maybe I am just impatient :)
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