Remote Seduction

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Remote Seduction
Post # 1
I am not sure if this is the right place for a discussion of this, but it does seem to involve the spirit leaving one's body, or at least extending outward.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here had experience with remote seduction.

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Re: Remote Seduction
By: / Novice
Post # 2
there's a quote from a book i have on astral projection,

you will not be able to project if you just want to be a psychic voyeur

lol i love that 'psychic voyeur'. in all seriousness. you can project and visit people on this plain, or in their dreams. it can get rather sticky though. entering ones dreams is hard because everyone has a shield up whether it is known to them or not, so your spirit needs to be stronger. second, people seeing an astral body is the same as someone seeing a spirit. it's possible, but not everyone can.

why would you want to 'remote seduce' someone? [i mean, i know "why", just, why can't you talk to them?] there are many other, easier, options that don't involve being a 'psychic voyeur'. my personal favourite is the grade 3 way 'do you like me? yes no maybe' works every time. seriously, try deviation to figure out if the person likes you.
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Re: Remote Seduction
Post # 3
I don't want to use it to seduce, but to get in connection with someone.

We had a falling out and I want her to get in touch with me. She was angry and asked me not to contact her.
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Re: Remote Seduction
Post # 4
This is not helpful, but I want to hear more about this now.
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Re: Remote Seduction
Post # 5
The first track on the recording I use is available for free download here ( It's in the fourth entry from the top.

I haven't noticed any results from her directly, but the meditations make me feel connected to her and calmer about my situation.

Try it out and see if it works.

The full meditation is by Wendi Friesen and is available on her website
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Re: Remote Seduction
By: / Novice
Post # 6
oooh, i get it now. do a honey jar spell.

1 jar with lid
1 spring of lavender [peace]
1 pinch of catnip [friendship]
1 yellow rose, or rose petals [friendship]
enough honer to fill the jar [some people sub it for sugar]
light green crayon
a belonging of your friend [or a picture]

write the persons full name on the paper with the light green crayon, turn the paper 90 degrees to the right and write 'forgive me' over their name [the two words should make a + symbol]

place the picture on top of the paper and fold it, placing them into the jar. then add each item, be sure you focus on your friend forgiving you and the two of you being close once more.

as you poor the honey, say an incantation [you don't have to use this one, i made it up off the top of my head as an example.]

my dear friend, i have done you wrong.
look inside yourself and please forgive me soon.
i cast this to soften your heart and sweeten you to me once more
my dear friend [name] please let us be friend.
i am sorry, forgive me.

leave the jar somewhere in your house. once you feel it is ok, talk to her, tell her you want to try being friends again.
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