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Your element(s)
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Hello there , I am Harushima2. I am starting a new thread regarding on the subject "your element(s)". Many of you thinkt that you may choose or yearn an element that might be close to you in some ways. But is that really your element? Most of you out there might have been attracted to your opposite. Opposites attrack , I understand that feeling you have there. But your element(s) regards straight on your birth sign ( Zodiac sign or Star sign ( Which you prefer as title )). Here is a list to help you find your true element. Warning , you may still practice an other element if you desire , it is your decision , this thread is only written to help you find your element.

( Warning , this isnt organized , forgive me... )

Lio ( July 23th - April 19th ) : Fire.

Cancer ( June 21th - July 22th ) : Water.

Gemini ( May 21th - June 20th ) : Air and Water.

Virgo ( August 23th - September 22th ) : Air and Water.

Taurus ( April 20th - September 22th ) : Earth and Water.

Libra ( September 23th - October 22th ) : Earth and Water.

Aries ( March 21th - April 19th ) : Fire.

Sagittarius ( November 22th - December 21th ) : Air and Fire.

Capricorn ( December 22th - January 19th ) : Water and Earth.

Aquarius ( January 20th - February 18th ) : Air , Fire and Water.

Pisces ( Febreuary 19th - March 20th ) : Water.

Scorpio ( October 23th - NOvember 21th ) : Water.

I hope this might have helped you , if any questions please message me. I would be more than happy to tell you about your element , how to train it and more about your birth sign ( Zodiac sign or Star sign). Yet if you aren't sure which one of them belongs to you , you may also contact me , I would do my possible to help you.

Thank you very much ,

Bless your path ,


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Re: Your element(s)
Post # 2

Its true that you do find your element that is connected to your astrology/birth sign. But a lot of people tend to work and connect with elements that feel comfortable with and some people like to work with all elements. Its helpful post Haru. Even know my element is water because i was born in November and i am scorpio. its true i do feel connected to water. But i feel more connected to earth element more.

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Re: Your element(s)
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Not all peoples element is connected to thier zodiac sign. I think everyone can and should use evety lement but that the one(s) they are most connected with should be the ones learned first.
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Re: Your element(s)
Post # 4
how do i now my element
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Re: Your element(s)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This was a nice post, but some things I don't agree upon. A good example is that I've always known that there are three zodiac signs for each element - meaning one element per sign; not two or three for some. Another thing is that the zodiacs are not a very good way to determine what your element is. The element the zodiacs are associated by is merely just that. The sign is associated with the element; thus meaning it does not have a direct link to what your element is. The "chart" on the zodiacs I go by are have been posted elsewhere but I'll post here as well any ways.

Aries (March 21 April 19)
Taurus (April 20 May 20)
Gemini (May 21 June 20)
Cancer (June 21 July 22)
Leo (July 23 August 22)
Virgo (August 23 September 22)
Libra (September 23 October 22)
Scorpio (October 23 November 21)
Sagittarius (November 22 December 21)
Capricorn (December 22 January 19)
Aquarius (January 20 February 18)
Pisces (February 19 March 20)

Each sign depicts certain aspects, or characteristics, that make up what is a general description of the personality. Each sign has a planet, symbol, gem stone, and element that they are governed by.

Aries - Mars, the Ram, Ruby, and Fire.
Taurus - Venus, the Bull, Emerald, Earth.
Gemini - Mercury, the Twins, Aquamarine, Air.
Cancer - Moon, the Crab, Moonstone, Water.
Leo - Sun, the Lion, Peridot, Fire.
Virgo - Mercury, the Virgin, Sapphire, Earth.
Libra - Venus, the Scales, Opal, Air.
Scorpio - Pluto, the Scorpion, Topaz, Water.
Sagittarius - Jupiter, the Archer, Turquoise, Fire.
Capricorn - Saturn, the Goat, Garnet, Earth.
Aquarius - Uranus, the Water Bearer, Amethyst, Air.
Pisces - Neptune, the Fish, Bloodstone, Water.

For dither details on the zodiac signs, please go to the following link:

There are several ways one can find their element. Some such ways are by interacting with or being close by each element individually to see which one you connect with. (sit in front of a fire, like a bonfire or chimney fire; go swimming; have a walk in the park, woods, in the grass, field, etc where you are with earthly nature; and taking time to be outside whilst it is windy)
You could also meditate on each element.
Either way you want to do so with each element individually. Get a feel for which one you feel connected to.

Your element may change. Your mere wanting could cause a connection to grow with an element to make it "your element." So yes, you could choose which element you want as yours. Or at least potentially. It doesn't always work that way.

Not every one is attracted to (some one who has) the element that is opposite of their own. So that's not always a useful method to determine you element.

Some things should be noted. The matter of having a close connection to the element thatvis your element is a matter of an imbalance in the connections you have with the elements. This imbalance is because the other elements are (as I like to say) neglected to where you have a connection to one over the rest. And it can get to the point where you feel no connection to an element. It is better to work with each element equally to create a balance amongsts the elements within you. And with this in mind, people can have a connection to more elements than just one. So yes, you can have more than one element.

The element business seems to be a new-age concept and such teachings state that all of us have the four elements within us; and when you work with each element equally they come together in balance of equality to form the fifth element if spirit -also referred to as Akasha.
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Re: Your element(s)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: Your element(s)
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
Sir , this is Thread for written for them to know whihc was their birth element(s).
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Re: Your element(s)
Post # 8
i agree, granted im a leo and me element is fire but thats the element i felt closest to.
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Re: Your element(s)
Post # 9
That is only your Sun sign only. Your birth astrology contains several other planets and points, and all of the signs are ultimately involved.

You do not have a single most important sign, and the sun is not the most influential planet in most people.

There's also little point in trying to find what element you are most predisposed to. Different elements are used for different things (so specializing in one element would be ridiculous), and it's pretty unhealthy to be so unbalanced toward a particular force or element. Furthermore, higher magicks are based upon this balance as a foundation (observable in the elemental associations of Golden Dawn degrees). By concentrating on a specific element you limit yourself to low magick.
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Re: Your element(s)
Post # 10
There is a difference in our zodiacs element and our personal element.. don't confuse the newbs :)
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