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No Subject
Post # 1
Glamoury-like spells can help people perceive you as the opposite gender, and you could bless hormone treatments to potentially make them work better, but nothing will change the human gender without surgery.

This site has lots of money/jobs spells which work and that's the road you'll need to take on this.

Source; I'm transgendered.
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Re: No Subject
By: / Novice
Post # 2
o...kay then. just because you're transgender doesn't make you an expert. i'm Irish, doesn't make me an expert on Irish culture. your post is slightly confusing, but if i understand correctly, you're saying certain spells like wealth work but ones that make physical change will only give the illusion of change, and not actual change, correct?

yes, that is true, glamour spells can also be called 'illusion' spells because that's all they really do. there are beauty spells that will work, like making creams and things. but just focusing, and chanting something won't do anything if you want big change. glamour spells are hard to determine exactly, you'd have to talk about each individual spell really, to say if it would work or not. anything involving a physical or genetic change, like gender, will not work. i say this a lot, magic is energy, spells are used to make the energy around us work in our favour. magic alters fate, not science. this is why luck, wealth, healing and love works, because it involves fate, not a predetermined thing such as flying, teleportation, or transformation. even curses can fall into these categories, a curse to bring bad luck, poor health, break two lovers apart.

a glamour spell can give a male the illusion of feminine beauty to another, but it won't make him female, and vise versa. it will help you appear to others as you feel inside, but for an actual gender change, you need to go through surgery. myself i'm not transgender, so i can't give solid advise, but i've never had to go through a surgery before [everything else i have though lol] so if out of a fear of the surgery a glamour spell for the opposite genders looks is a band-aid, it won't really solve anything, but it will make others see you as you wish to be seen.
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Re: No Subject
Post # 3
Being transgendered is not nearly as passive as being of a specific ancestry. Besides, my point was not to express any sort of expertise, just point out that I'm not some outsider looking in as I imagine is the case for pretty much everyone else who had originally replied to this.

And I support my suggested use of glamoury on the grounds that, while it won't physically change my gender, it will help people interpret me more masculinely and less androgynously. Getting called by your physical gender when it's not what you identify with is actually a kind of gut-wrenchingly bad experience. Anything which can help prevent that, such as magically nudging people's interpretations in the right direction, is appreciated by one transitioning between genders.

It won't fix the problem, but it'll certainly smooth out some of the wrinkles of daily life.

Anyone curious on the topic is welcome to PM me.
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