Please help me!

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Please help me!
Post # 1
Hello, everyone! I've been looking on this site and reading the spells for a while but only just actually joined. I made some bracelets for my friends and I and I would like to 'charm' them (if that's the right word) with good luck or something that is positive like that. I know many of the spells here are fake, so please help me find one that will help!
I also would like knowledge of a valid spell that will help me enhance my dreams(get all my senses like see, smell, touch, taste) and maybe control them(dont know if this is possible or what) Please dont post mean things on here, because I've read through some forums, and certain people on here can be overjudgemental and hypocritical at times. Please help me!

Thanks in advance,
Az ^.~
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Re: Please help me!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
To enhance dreams you would want lucid dreaming. There are many books and websites with good tips as to how to facilitate this. The more awareness we have in our dreaming state, the more intense they are.

As for your bracelets, I would have personally focused on my desire while creating the bracelets, weaving in the magick (its effect then will last as long as the object survives). However, you can empower them with whatever you wish through any spell or ritual by charging them as your subject instead of a particular person or situation. I find it best to seal objects after charging them to help them to retain the energy. I seal with breath, but many seal in a variety of ways.
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Re: Please help me!
Post # 3
I've always believed lucid dreaming to take a fair bit of work and concentration, but if you're determined, then do some research- read books, browse this site and other sites. Knowledge is everything!

As for the bracelets, you'd be better off writing your own spell/ritual; that makes it more personal to and should have a greater effect than using someone else's spell.

Hope this helps!
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