How to know fake casters

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How to know fake casters
Post # 1
Hello everyone,please be wise..verify spell casters before you used their services,90 percent of them are fakes,i got ripped off severally before i read about a group of registered spell casters,they recommend a genuine spell caster for me,when ever you meet a spell caster you just send his/her contact to them and they will verify if they are real or not,and they can also give you a real spell caster who s specialized in what you want,because i was told a spell caster cant cast all spell,they should be specialized in a particular spell,anyone who says they can cast all spell are fake.
contact them on

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Re: How to know fake casters
By: / Novice
Post # 2
that's good to know, HOWEVER you don't need a spell caster, anyone can cast spells, some are just better than others. i typically give people spells for free to do themselves. if you're in an occult shop, or someone actually sells from there house potions and mojo bags and whatnot, i feel you shouldn't buy it, especially online. i also feel one shouldn't ask for money in exchange for spells typically unless you choose to cast professionally. just as a side thing for extra cash, i feel it invokes bad karma, but whatever. still, glad to see somewhere where people can check these things ^_^
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Re: How to know fake casters
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
first it is possible for someone to be able to cast any kind of spell some people do specialize in one kind but you dont have to

second why would you pay for someone to cast a spell for you when you could do it your self for free
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Re: How to know fake cast
Post # 4

They claim the can do unrealistic wonders for you, such as transform you into something like a vampire, or even cast a spell that they claim will make you more beautiful or smarter than you currently are. And dont even bother if they want to charge you for it, especially online. Chances are its a gimmick.

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Re: How to know fake casters
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
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