Introduction to Dragons

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Introduction to Dragons
Post # 1

Hello everyone, i wanted to share some information i found on about dragons with some helpful resources. So here is one of the articles that i have found and would like to share about dragons.

According to the teachings of the Ancients, anything unexplainable in everyday terms, or so fantastic that it invokes feelings of curiosity, suspicion, or fear while still seeming plausible, was said to come from a place of Great Mystery, a place where the Spirit itself lived, and where dreams and visions originated. This place is said to be where Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the children of Earth watch over the people from, and where the creatures of the Shadow Lands and the realms of fantasy are said to reside. This place relies on our unconditional faith and trust in order to exist, and is know by the Wise Ones as The Void. It is part of the Astral Realm, where we cannot travel on our own unless we are invited in and shown the way.

It is believed that when we sleep, our dreams are sent to us from The Void. When we consult our guides, they answer us from The Void, and when we receive visions and foresight, it is relayed to our Higher Selves from The Void. This shadowy world of untold mystery is where much of our inner knowledge comes from, but it is also a place where many things have gone. The Void, being where the Spirit lives, is like a giant safe haven for those things we are incapable of seeing in todays civilized world. Creatures such as Unicorns, Faeries, Centaurs, Fauns, Dryads, and Dragons find refuge in this other world, and are felt in the presence by some and seen by even fewer as they continue to go about their invisible physical lives here on Earth.

Throughout history, from cultures as distant as the Aborigines and their Dreamtime, the Vikings and the people of China, Japan, and England, Dragons have been mentioned in one form or another. Why is this? Did these people actually see these beasts, or did they simply mistake a giant lizard, or some other reptilian creature that had folds of skin under its forearms and could fly, such as giant bats, or the flying dinosaurs, Archaeopteryx or the Pterosaurs? Were there dinosaurs still roaming the Earth only a few thousand years ago? Loch Ness Monster, it is believed, is one such creature. There is even a constellation of stares in the night sky named Draco, as its general shape is that of a Dragon.

Wyverns, traditionally depicted on shields and banners in heraldry for hundreds of years, are considered a sign of strength to those who bear the symbol. European Dragons are anatomically different to most dragons, having the usual two wings, but only having two legs; sometimes shown as having hand-like claws on the tips of its wings and a razor sharp stinger filled with poison on the end of its tail. Today the Welsh flag still has a red dragon on a green and white background, and the red dragon is their national symbol.

In the Chinese and Japanese culture the Dragon symbolizes life and growth and is said to bring the five blessings: harmony, virtue, riches, fulfillment and longevity. Chinese Dragons are still shown in parades around the world celebrating the Chinese New Year with the Dragon Dance. In China there are four main kinds of dragons: the Celestial Dragons who protect the places of the Gods, the Spiritual Dragons who control the wind and the rain, the Earth Dragons which control the rivers and water on the Earth, and the Underworld Dragons which guards precious metals and gems. Separate dragons also control the rivers of the North, South, East, and West. The commander of all the River Dragons is blood red in color, has a fiery mane, and is 900 feet long from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail.

The Dragon became a symbol of evil and the devil only after Christianity gained power. In an attempt to crush the ancient beliefs of Pagans, the Christians spread their propaganda of their devil, calling him the Dragon. By instilling this fear of eternal damnation the church gained control of many royal houses. With this they changed or passed laws that prohibited the Pagan beliefs, and with this caused humankind to fear Dragons instead of respecting them, as they should. Also from this came Knights, later called Dragon Slayers, that were eager to prove their faith to their God and country by hunting the Dragons down. Not completely an unselfish act because of the payments of gold they received for their bravery. Whether the 'dragons' they hunted were strange beasts or simply those who followed another religious path is unknown.

Because of humankinds acts of the past, today Dragons are forced to mostly live their lives in the Void with little to no contact with those of us who live on this side of the Veil. Those with quick eyes and an open mind occasionally catch a glimpse out of the corner of their eye, an insubstantial form that is dragonish. The more traditional, larger Dragons, however, must be seen with the inner eyes and heard with the inner ears before they can become a reality for most people. To see them, you first have to believe 100% that they are there, not just images in your mind, but really there! You must learn to feel them, welcome them, and honor their presence by gifting them with offerings.

Dragons do travel constantly between our world and the Void to determine if humankind has matured, meaning that we have outgrown our need to dominate anything different from ourselves. There are some who believe that they are connected with the mysterious lights in the night sky which are reported as UFO's. Others believe that miracles and other unusual happenstance should be attributed to dragon interference.

In the Clan I studied with, we believe that we are contacted by, and are able to make contact with, those dragons who wish to build a bridge of understanding. Dragons aren't 'biding their time' waiting to return to this plane of existence, they are perfectly happy where they are. However, just as we are always seeking to further ourselves, to grow spiritually, so are they. By working together we can learn valuable information not only about our spiritual paths but also what makes us 'human'. As understanding grows between our two species there are sure to be great benefits arising to help us all.


I really like this site i go too it often and read more about it.

Blessed Be

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Re: Introduction to Dragons
Post # 2
Dragons weren't the only species claimed to be sign of the devil but also "Mermaids" and Cats. Some people claim seeing sights of "Mermaids", but they aren't those happy creatures, in fact they are murderous. Cats have been claimed on being witches because black cats were known to be "witches". Other than that, great details on dragons. It has caught my attention how most animals are being thought as something else.
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Re: Introduction to Dragons
By: / Novice
Post # 3
@ magicfun not only black cats, though they were most common, bats, rats, ravens/crows, black dogs, and toads were also common familiars to witches. if you've never read up on the witch trials, not just is Salem, you should, it's fasinating and terrifying all at once. anything could be cause by a witch, and once accused there's no way to be cleared. well, once case, Giles Corey was accused and refused to deny or confess for if he confessed, he was a witch and everything was taken from him and he was killed. if he denied it, he was lying and everything was taken away and he was killed. so he he said nothing. they crushed him to death, but they got no answer, so his children got his possessions, and in the eyes of the church, he was still a christian man.

anyway, at lucidmoon, i'm glad you like foxmoon's site, i got a lot of great information from her as well, and we talk sometimes on facebook about things, but you shouldn't have copy and pasted it from her site. you sited the source, but if memory serves SoM doesn't like people doing that. she has a pretty decent list of dragons up there [no where near all types mind] and there's some really good ceremonies too.

this is a new site i've been poking around on is an old one i haven't checked out in a while. has more spells than information. was one of the first sites i found way back. has chants and rituals this guy i've read once, i'm iffy on his information, but it's a decent site.

personally i don't like Conoway but this person has a list of books, you can decide for yourself there is more to there site than this, but i wanted to give you a list of books as well.

i feel the post is too long with all those links, so i won't start another dragon fact dump like in your last forum lol.
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