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A quick question
Post # 1
Hi ive been doing magic awhile and this questions going to sound newbish but here goes. I never used to have any problems with meditation, tranceing, or astral travel i was totally unbothered until a few months ago i was attacked in my sleep by something and heard inhuman noises. Ever since then ive been too scared to try anything i fear its drawing negitive enties. I just would like some help on how to protect myself and my space. :) blessings, Cielo
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Re: A quick question
Post # 2
Before you do anything, try to figure out what exactly you heard. Were they actual words being spoken, or simply sounds like that of an animal? Can you relate this sound to any sort of experience you had that made an impression?

Once you are able to diagnose what you're dealing with, do proper procedure. Banish all negativity from the room, cleanse and purify any objects of often use, and set up a four-corner barrier. Keep the barrier up and do not go into any meditative state for about five days. After five days, cleanse the room and yourself, and remove the barrier. If you are attacked again, I would suggest strong visualization of anything that can protect you in AP. (Shield, brick wall, bubble of protection, ect)

(Note: The barrier is done in the room to allow the positive energies to heal and manifest)
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Re: A quick question
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This is why I always advocate learning defense, protections and banishment FIRST before any other magickal practice. Anything spiritual EVEN prayer will gain the attention of spiritual beings. You don't notice the good ones because they don't act on it, they smile, nod and move on. If they do influence, it's in a positive way and you may just pass it off as "luck". You notice the malicious ones because they smile, nod and pounce!

Put aside the other stuff and perfect your protections and banishments. Make sure your bedroom is warded and you feed confidant in that protection. (Time is the best indicator). Make sure you have a personal protection on you. And you can cast a powerful (tried and true) protection or banishment at a moment's notice without needing to look at notes. This will not only keep you safe but make you confidant that you can handle whatever comes.
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