Herbs that heal

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Herbs that heal
Post # 1
So I've been into studying herbs lately and here's what I found:
Remedy for bruises:
Maragine - Apply over the bruise. It will reduce the swelling.

Witch Hazel - Apply over the bruise. Reduces swelling and will heal bruise within a few days.

Onion - If the skin is not cut at the wound then raw onion can be sliced and kept over it. It will give relief to the area.

Ice or Cold water - Cold water can be poured at the bruised region. This results in constriction of the blood vessels at the wound and has been found to be effective in relieving bruises.

Turmerie - Best known healer of wounds and injuries. Mix turmeric powder in a cup of warm milk and drink the same every morning. It is good to drink with an empty stomach and helps within a few days.

Lemon - Cut a piece of lemon and keep it over the bruise. It is one of the earliest home remedies. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C that is required at the wound for healing and thickening of blood vessels and treating internal hemorrhage.

herbal tea - Prepare herbal tea from hops, comfrey or white oak bark. Apply on the bruise area

Pepper, Vaseline, and Cayenne - A mixture of pepper and cayenne in a large volume of melted vaseline has been shown to have healing affects on bruises.

Arnica, Chamomile, and Yarrow - the three can be mixed together to form on herbal infusion. This works well against bruises because of the mixture of anti-inflammatory properties.

Home remedies for cuts:
Salvia - Spread salvia leaves on the affected region and then wrap a bandage around.

Comfrey leaves - works on cuts, wounds, and bruises - Comfrey leaves can be grinded to form a paste that can be applied to the area.

Parsley leaves- bruises and cuts - spread over the wound (with a little bit of water) and cover with the bandage.

Olive oil and Mullein Flowers - Works on cuts and bruises- Steep some mullein flowers in olive oil and apply on the affected area. Early recovery of wounds.

Black coffee- Grind a little amount of black coffee and apply it over the cut. Cover the area with a bandage. This will heal the wound within a few days.

Lavender oil- On the bruised potion apply some lavender oil. This gives relief of pain.

Sugar or honey - AS the cut paves way for the micro organism to develop it is important to keep the cut aseptic. Sugar can be sprinkled or some honey can be poured over the bruise or cut so that the germs may not grow due to concentrated solutes present. You can cover this with a bandage.

Alfa Alfa - works for cuts or bruises - Alfa Alfa is a rich source of vitamin K that is essential factor in blood clotting. It can be administrated more when a bruise or wound has occurred.

Extra ------ Spinach, broccoli, and lettuce reduces clotting

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Re: Herbs that heal
Post # 2
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