Christian Witchcraft?

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Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 1
Greeting Everyone,

I know this topic comes up alot but can Christians do Witchcraft and still go to Heaven?

Re: Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 2
That really depends on who you ask. There are plenty of Christians who don't even believe other types of Christians go to heaven, to say nothing for a Christian Witch.

Re: Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 3
Well I believe that they do. However, not if you use harmful things and have evil intentions.

Re: Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 4
there is no such thing as a christian witch it even states in there bible ''not let a witch to live'' there is nothing spiritual about christanity its mind suppressing and doesnt even support free thought..

Re: Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 5
That depends on the christian,some christians beleave that jesus was a witch or magicion and that the twelve apostills where his coven and in the early christian era even the priests practiced magick.

Re: Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 6
the reason why some christians belieave jesus to be spiritual is because the whole bible is nothing but stolen concepts from pagan religions the same ones they try to scare people away from so that they can have all the occult knowledge for there own this why there are holy wars and the destruction of historical artifacts so that they destroy evidence of proof that christanity is not a religion but a trick into getting people to destroy there spiritual selves anything to do with witch power did not come from the bible or quran....

Re: Christian Witchcraft?
By: / Beginner
Post # 7

Re: Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 8
ok thanks guys

Re: Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 9
Observ, where do you get this idea that the Bible is just a bunch of stolen paganism? Certainly parts of it were absorbed from paganism, but not the majority like you suggested.

I'd also like to point out some blatant social prejudice against Chrisianity here; when other religions or mythologies coincide the Neopagan/magical community celebrates this as proof that the myths really did happen or that there really is some actual deity that these myths are interpreting slightly differently. When Chrisianity shows similarities to a pagan myth we get our panties in a twist about how this is clearly stolen.

Re: Christian Witchcraft?
Post # 10
There are many Christians who practice witchcraft on this site- perhaps you should talk to some of them and get their views on it also?

In answer to your question- it depends on who you ask. Many Christians resort to the stereotype and are influenced under the perception that magic is 'evil', etc, etc. On the other hand, some are quite understanding and realize that magical practice isn't such at all.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say witchcraft is forbidden or anything similar to that: nor does it say you cannot still go to Heaven if you practice it.

This is often a topic for controversy. Also, as ChironJackal said, there is a lot of social prejudice related to Christianity within this site and other parts of the magical community.

I am sure Christianity was indeed perhaps influenced by aspects of Paganism in some way, or interpreting the same parts differently- however there is no blatant evidence that such is stolen.

When I was newer within witchcraft, I was curious on those who call themselves 'Christian Wiccans'. Yes, I know that not all Wiccans practice witchcraft and vice versa, and this particular post is specifically about witchcraft not Wicca, but I was more interested in the collaboration of the two religions and feel this may clear up some misconceptions on the term.

Admittedly, at first I was under the idea that it would be like calling yourself a 'Hindu Judaist'- the central belief systems completely clash.

Upon more investigation, I found that often it was meant one takes the traditional belief systems of Christianity, the teachings of Jesus Christ and so on, yet incorporates the path of nature found within Wicca. The 'Christian Wiccans' coven on here says as much:

''Christian Wiccans are those who still practice Christianity the old way, but add the beauty and natural path of Wicca. Most of us here have melded the two forms into a lovely, cohesive daily practice that enriches our lives and the lives of others. Many of us are seers, healers, and teachers of our ways.''

However, being a Christian Wiccan and a Christian witchcraft practitioner are very different. 'Christian Wiccan' states the collaboration of two religions, and 'Christian Witch' refers to one who is Christian, yet practices some form of witchcraft (whatever that may be).

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