How to cursed someone with chant

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> How to cursed someone with chant

How to cursed someone with chant
Post # 1
Anyone know how to cursed people by chant?
Pls help me
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Re: How to cursed someone with chant
Post # 2
their are several of these on the site
This Curses Your enemy
Focus Upon Your Enemy And Chant :
I have an enemy
whose made me mad
make them shrivel
and die like flowers
being strangled by weeds
may they suffer till death
Spare Them Not
Thank You Goddess Of Death
If someone annoys you or upsets you just use this curse on them.
Chant these words when you are angry at your enemy.
"You hurt me I hurt you"
"As you see as i see"
"Be a thee so may it be"
Ashes to Ashes Spell
Destroys your enemys
Say the following:
ashes to ashes fire and thunder rise together and become one banish this evil for all the harm it has done

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Re: How to cursed someone
Post # 3
Your best bet is to write something yourself. I've found after 9 years of practice that if you use something else that has been written by another it rarely works. My advice for you is to talk to the person first, in a controlled enviroment. Just remember if you curse someone it's the same as if you do something good, it comes back three fold. As for writing a spell, take how you feel and write it in a poem or a mix of jumbled words that describe your emotions.....magic is like doesn't ALWAYS have to rhyme, since most magic is based off your feelings, and intent anyways....hope this helps

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Re: How to cursed someone with chant
Post # 4
Yes, like the post above me it is always best to create a spell yourself for your power and intent is in it, not another's.
And the three fold never happened to me and I did several years of such HORRIBLE black magick I try to not think about it anymore...I have cursed countless people which has led to their almost immediate suicide. I was infamously known as the Grim Reaper.
I am no longer like that anymore though. But never has a thing came back and I have been practicing my ENTIRE life without exagerations at all.
Now I am aware, of course, that it does work with other's, but why it does not me I understand not. I do not know if it is because of the powerful ancient family I come from, or because a reincarnated soul of Amara is also inside me.
For those who know not of her she may have been the most powerful High Priestess known to this realm. No I am not being cocky or showing off as other's may feel, I am just sharing that not everything happens to everyone.
It may also be because I have a powerful protection spell on me and every object of jewelry I wear ((ten rings two necklaces, thirty-two bracelets not even kidding, my eyebrow ring, and my bellybutton ring)) also do have protection spells on them. I do all because the town I live in is so horribly infested with demons of good AND bad, a step cannot be taken without being ran into or harmed by a demon.
People die every week here in unnatural ways. It is not a very good enviroment but it is the way I grew up and I will more than likely be fighting to the death here.
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Re: How to cursed someone with chant
By: / Novice
Post # 5
anon2230 this is a five year old forum, why not just start your own? this one's dead and [was] buried.

look up a curse on here, or write your own like SilverVixen said. first sit and meditate, try to clear your mind of all emotions which can cloud your judgement, and figure out if the person should be cursed. if yes, how bad of a curse, and are you prepared to face the negative effects should it back fire, as well as the three fold law returning upon you? to me, there is a rare occasion when a curse is fine. this, however, is cast as a means of karmic retribution against someone which karma seems to of passed over. 95% of the time though, we're just upset and want revenge.

like with any spell, you need to charge and focus. with hexes and curses, you need to conjure up all your anger and hatred towards the person to make it truly effective. just think before you do and be careful what you wish for because we have enough bad things in the world without revenge crazed individuals.
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