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Precognition Help
Post # 1
Hey. So I've been looking into precognition lately and i've found what it means and the basics of it. But there hasn't been anything about how to help develope the power or strenghten it. Does anyone have any advice. I've only had about three dreams that came true so i'd say i really don't have much experiance with the subject. So any help?

Peace and Love
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Re: Precognition Help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Any spiritual sense or "gift" is strengthened by using it and paying attention to it (giving it importance/priority). If you ignore it, you're conditioning your mind to block it out. By showing interest, using it, and being self aware, you're conditioning your mind to notice the messages more. For instance, imagine a crowd, someone shouts a random name. Would you notice? Would you even understand the name if you noticed? Probably not. Now the same person in that crowd calls your name. Bam! You notice, hearing it as clear as a bell. Your name or the names of those you speak to most will register to you no matter how many are talking at once, and you'll pick it up instantly as if they were the only voice because you're conditioned to respond to it. It's how our minds work.
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Re: Precognition Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Most people experience that in thier dreams ,that is most common type of precognition .In that case it ic crucial to you to start focusing on the idea that you want to dream the future and remember it while you are neither in alseep or neither in awake state .That is the state of the mind when we start to feel our muscles relaxing and kinda our mind influnece start to fade away ,but the logical mind has not dissapeared yet therefore you still can focus on the task.That is called affirmation and we are able to affirm ourselves ideas the most in this state .It is kind of selfhypnosis .Then make sure that first thing you do in the morning is to try to recall your dream and write it down .It may take some time .Sometimes i experience it as sense of knowing .The weird thing is that i do not know with my logical mind as if i did anylize logical data .I know with my heart and my gut it is a feeling and it is very strong .Get used to go in relaxed state easy and momentaly even doing your normal rutine .Meditation and visualization help for that ,but do not forget to ground if you have gone in too deep phase of it .
You need to get used to shift your focus from The Self into the subcosncious even when awake ,but that is hard for most people .Our subconscious is never asleep just we do not realize that it registers things ,because we can not access this information in most cases .For example all information which you do not use on daily basics is shifted there .Think of it as huge atic room in wich is the story of all your life with all details of it .You need to learn to pay attention to weird thoughts ,feelings or senses comming to you out of blue .
It will be very beneficial if you start practising different forms of divination such cartomancy (Tarot and Oracle Decks ),scrying (using water ,fire or clouds ).Or you can decide to take a try on dowsing and using pendulum .Developing your senses is crucial and it will help you with the precognition .All of thise activities train you to use your will to shift the focus away from the logical mind into the subconscious and all its secrets .
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Re: Precognition Help
Post # 4
Thanks guys that really helped. :)
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