summoning shinigami

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> summoning shinigami
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summoning shinigami
Post # 1
hi, i would like to summon shinigami.

Re: summoning shinigami
Post # 2
You want to summon a Death Diety? Whatever for ?

Such beings are powerful and shouldn't be summoned friviously. I do not think that they should be summoned at all . To me , It seems a total lack of respect to a god of higher power and the consequence of a little "accident" can be rather terrible .

I do not see why , You would want or need or want to deal with such entities .

May i ask your reason for doing so ? I am curious.

Re: summoning shinigami
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Because he learned about Shinigami from an anime and thinks it's "cool", duh! Sigh, such ignorant actions will get you killed myskoshiki...

Re: summoning shinigami
Post # 4
Well do you have a death note as well? XD lol

Im pretty sure you cant, and they dont enter the human world normally, im pretty sure they are friendly ethier...

Re: summoning shinigami
Post # 5
Well , I do not judge people so quickly , WhiteRav3n but i guess you are probrably right , after looking at his profile.

Amane , If a person can request a dietiy presence in a circle , why is a person unable to summon one ? Even if they do not enter this world directly . If a occultist can summon the presence of spirits that no longer reside in this plane , why not a god ? Anything can be done if someone have enough power .

Re: summoning shinigami
Post # 6
death note or bleach??
i dont think you can summon one,they were invisible remember??

Re: summoning shinigami
Post # 7
Looks like this one month old thread got bumped up :P

Re: summoning shinigami
By: / Novice
Post # 8
if you have seen Death Note, you'd know about them. they're invisible and can only be seen with their Death Note. they're like gods, it's extremely difficult to summon a god. it's not impossible, you do it in circle, but if you're calling forth a shinigami because you find it cool and want it to give you a death note, they either won't come or attack you. they're far happier playing games with other shinigami on their own plain. why do you want to call upon one?

Re: summoning shinigami
Post # 9

Omg! Really people! Come on now seriously!!! I mean people do not take magick seriously at all anymore. But thats because people watch too much anime and fantasy movies. Death Note is an anime that is it. No shinigamis do not exist they are fake and not real. You shuld really have some common sense when learning about magick. Just stating my opinion is all.

Re: summoning shinigami
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
It is often said that we learn something new everyday.
I'm 78 years old and have read much,but I have never heard of shinigami, or whatever the name is. I am thinking that this "god" is pure fiction. One may as well try to summon Mickey Mouse!

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