I need help please

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I need help please
Post # 1
Hello every one I'm new to the. Forums list I'm a mother of 4 kid my son is19 year old and has got in trouble with the lawn he went around looking to see what car are left open to take what was I'm portent to make some money. Now he didn't get way with it which I feel that if do your crime you will do your time but I feel that has been his first time of doing something so stuip.with out using His head I feel that this is he first and last time that he would something so wrong.he spen almost 2days in jail they are think of given him some time3to6years I don't want his record to get bad and will like to no what could I do.
Thanks Dennisse
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Re: I need help please
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I would consult a lawyer, not a magick site. You can get free legal advice from many sites, I would search "free legal advice" on google and post on a few of them to see what lawyers say. He may be able to get away with early parole or community service if it is his first offense.

If he was a good student in school that looks good as well, lawyers will usually push good history so that the sentence is lessened. He needs to dress neatly and nicely in suit pants and a dress shirt tucked in (suit jacket is good too) and speak politely. Presentation is important. If he walks into court in baggy pants and a t-shirt he's not going to stand a chance.

He definitely needs a good lawyer, not the free defense attorneys they provide.

It will be on his record, but he will have the opportunity to have his record expunged after a certain amount of years depending on the degree of the felony.
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