Different between these??

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Different between these??
Post # 1
I'm new on magick so I don't understand the different between pagan,occult,wicca,white magick and black magick..
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Re: Different between these??
Post # 2

Paganism~ A umbrella term used to refer to any polytheistic religion or practice.

Wicca~It is a religion that is Polytheistic.

As for the definitions of White and Black Magick , there are no difference actually . Magic is all one and the same . The two terms are just simply used to seperate the various intents . Thus they are different in intent . It is not that one is good and the other is bad , as some people believe.
Honestly..the world is so full of useless classifications .

Well , that's about it . :)
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Re: Different between these??
Post # 3
I forgot to type what occult means exactly in my previous post.

The word Occult i find a bit hard to explain but it is simply study of the various arcane arts and deeper spiritual relieties . Occult can also be used to refer to the various arcane topics that one's study.

That's about it , i guess.
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Re: Different between these??
Post # 4
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Re: Different between these??
Post # 5
As said above, Paganism is an 'umbrella term' that refers to a variety of polytheistic religions, before Christianization began. Neopaganism is a more contemporary version of such, modern religion movements that may sometimes be influenced by or completely derived from the many earlier Pagan religions.

Wicca falls under the Neopagan category. It's a duotheistic religion following the Horned God and the Goddess, who has several names (Mother Goddess, etc) mainly, although there are variations such as Dianic Wicca, which only follows the female deity.

There are many types of Wicca, however: Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Dianic (as mentioned), Cochrane's, to name a few. Said to be founded by Gerald Gardner.

The 'occult' literally means ''knowledge of the hidden'' and refers to a variety of practices. Alchemy would be an example of an occultist practice. Occult practices can be found in several religions, most under the Pagan or Neopagan category.

'Black' and 'White' magic is used for categorization of intent within spellcasting. Magic has no colour. Black generally refers to negative intent, white being that of positive. Of course, everyone has different definitions on what is 'good' and 'bad', so there are no set definitions for the two. What one sees as 'white', another may see as 'black'.

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