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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Begginer/novice

Post # 1
piease i am new in magic and have tried the spells they are not working i am confused since i dont have magic can the spells work with me please i need answers
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Re: Begginer/novice
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well usually being new to magic one might like to start at the beginning, which most will tell you is not spell work.

There are things that we learn and do as we begin that give us a good foundation to work on. As we go along, experience adds to this foundation.

On the site you will find a forum called newbie central. This is a great forum full of suggestions and different methods for those just newly walking into the craft. I would highly suggest looking into this forum. Things like meditation and learning to work with energy is considered a must among the magical community and are very helpful in spell work.
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Re: Begginer/novice
Post # 3
Personally, I don't believe there is a true 'beginning' that everyone should start with when first engaging in magical practice. As we all know, each person has an individual path in which they will travel their own way, which will perhaps be extraordinarily unalike from another person's, and thus, they 'start' metaphysical craft differently.

However, as Petulance said, spell casting isn't something I would suggest a beginner to start with.

I have found frequently a string of practices and studies commonly suggested as 'the basics' are pitched to a new practitioner. These are things such as meditation, correspondences, energy work, etc. Perhaps they are not 100% mandatory in order to gain success within metaphysics, however they most definitely are beneficial and would perhaps increase the likelihood of success.

Spells don't work for numerous reasons. However, you may find value in being patient. You'll find often spells don't hand it to you straight away on a silver plate; but rather they present you with the opportunity to make what you desired come true. Noticing that opportunity, on the other hand, is down to you.

Something also suggested by Petulance above, checking out the newbie central, FAQ and tips area of this site may be quite helpful to you. I'll link it here:


As for the basics, this is by far the best post I have seen on the topic:

However you may find more simplified articles within other areas of the forum and some members list the basics or suggestions for beginners on their profile.

Now, take it upon yourself to browse the forums, articles and perhaps join a coven if you wish to have direct contact in seeking help and advice and pick up any valuable information. Some site covens also provide lessons for their members.
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Re: Begginer/novice
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
If you're that new to magick, it's possible you have skipped steps. You need to know how before you can. Your mind and body need to be clear and cleansed, so that all your energy goes into the spell. If you don't know your basics, then you are casting in vain. Meditate so you can gain control of your thoughts.
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Re: Begginer/novice
Post # 5
There are lots of articles on what could be making your spells fail in the forums, take the time and make the effort to check them out. Laziness will get you no where.
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Re: Begginer/novice
Post # 6
Perhaps you do not take those higher powers, and the gods to which you applied. Change the direction of magic. I can tell you to do astrological forecast and reading tarot cards which you choose the direction in magic.
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Re: Begginer/novice
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
This thread has been moved to Site Spells Discussion from Comments.
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