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Post # 1
My boyfriend and I have a hard time communicating with eachother. Any suggestions on what to talk about would be great... Any spells that will help us talk more about relevant things will help.

Thank you all for your posts,
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Re: boyfriend
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Try talking about something he would be interested in...
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Re: boyfriend
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I personally do not believe magick is appropriate to use in this situation. This is problem that can be dealt with, and I think should be dealt with, with simple communication. That is why I suggest you sit down, and have a nice deep chat with your boyfriend. Take an hour or two and just let it all out (without judgement of course).

You may also want to consider going to see a trusted adult, maybe outside of your family if you are not comfortable with your family knowing of some issues you are having. Whatever you are going through, it is absolutely fine to seek help and guidence from others. A trusted adult, such as a councillor or maybe an aunt or uncle, could provide the guidence and support you need.

I also recommend that you speak to your parents, if you are willing. I know it can sometimes be very hard to come out with your personal problems to members of your immediate family, but it doesn't hurt to trust them enough to say what is on your mind. This is just a suggestion.

As far as spells go, if you do really wish to use a spell to aid you in this, I suggest you do spells to inspire clarity of mind, truthfullness, and humility to everyone affected by this situation. This can be done by simple prayer to your dietie(s), or perhaps a more elaborate ritual. I can give you a ritual to help in this if you want it, all you have to do is mail me.

I really hope you and your boyfriend have a more beneficial and understanding relationship in the future. My condolences.
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Re: boyfriend
Post # 4
well, I once got my hands on reading a book that had horoscopic information on anyone whom was born on any day of the year, it talked about their suggestive favorite foods, instruments, and their compatible horoscope signs, besides that it had a little bio of what that person would be like. The book is called: "The Hidden World of Birthdays and Relationships" by Judith Turner. When I read my birthday's bio, let me just say I was a bit embarrased of the information that was absolutely true (lol), and how I was relieved to know that my girlfriend and I are one of the listed matches in the book. I then showed my girlfriend the book and she laughed at her info saying it was pretty much true as well.

And besides a good book, there are also other nice ways to get to talk to your boyfriend, like things he and you both enjoy, new things that you'd both enjoy together, old things that brought up a good conversation before, I understand the difficulty of having nothing to talk about with the one you care about, even though we're a good match, we have not much to spontaniously talk about due to our different interests in things, but love finds a way.

Good luck!
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Re: boyfriend
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Get involved in something together that you will both enjoy. It is important in a relationship to have things in common with each other.

A big part of a relationship is listening. Show interest in what he likes and does, and listen when he talks about them. Maybe even try to pick up one of his hobbies so you can relate with him.

Your communication should pick up more naturally if you do these things.

And sometimes its just nice to spend time in silence. You don't always have to talk with each other. Conversation should come naturally. Right now, I haven't had a conversation with my husband for a few hours, even though we are together in the house. He's doing his things and I'm doing mine. It's important to give each other space, that way time spent together is special, not forced. You can't expect to talk 24/7 and not run out of things to say. Less is more.
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Re: boyfriend
Post # 6
My boyfriend and I have a lot of trouble communicating too. It's not from lack of attention or a lack of common interest, we just seem to have radically different views on what we should communicate and how.

I suggest a very basic invocation of Mercury or Air, both forces associated with communication. I'd go with a real basic pentagram ritual to invoke Air since they're all about the same as the LBRP - once you know one you essentially know them all. I'd also make a little orange mojo bag full of herbs and stones of communication.
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Re: boyfriend
Post # 7
Thank you for replying to my post holla. We are just struggling trying to find something to talk about. We are both very honest and open with each other, as far as I know. I will try it, to see if it will help. Again I really appreciate your post.
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