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seeing spells
Post # 1
I'm haveing family troubles and need a spell that will let me see for someone's point of view because were try to find why my aunt loves a person that acts just like a demon please help dracoman
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Re: seeing spells
Post # 2
How about a spell to encourage the participants of the situation to have a clear, loving, and level mind. Let them speak what needs to be spoken, do what needs to be done.
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Re: seeing spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
People have said with reason that love is blind ;)However even that passes after long time of trouble .
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Re: seeing spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from Welcome.
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Re: seeing spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Why not just respect your aunt's opinion instead of meddling in her business? She loves him because she does. If he treats her well that's all that matters. It is her choice to love whom she wishes to. Maybe he's mean to the rest of you because you're trying to get involved in something that is personal between him and her.

I don't talk to my mother's side of my family anymore because they didn't support my choice in love. And I don't regret it, because if they truly cared, they would respect my feelings, and they didn't. I've been happily married 7 years now with a six year old daughter they'll never see. Why? Because I've disowned them.

Love is a touchy subject you just don't meddle in or you'll get burned. This happens countless times and tears apart many families that feel they can control who is involved with their relatives. Simply, they can't. Romantic love is stronger than family love, and the only thing that can rival that is a parent's love for their child, but even that depends from person to person. There is an intimacy within romantic love that nothing else compares to. So accept your aunts choices or accept the reprecussions of your actions.
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Re: seeing spells
Post # 6
Well a spell for something like that is not going to help you much, I would say that if you wish to know what is going on with her try to develop your gifts in empathy. Though I completely agree with the above thread of not messing with anything of another persons love with "any" kind of magic.
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Re: seeing spells
By: / Novice
Post # 7
don't know of one, try meditating, or thinking about her side of things. if you love her, but you're worried about her, give her a protection charm, or cast a protection spell on her just in case.
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Re: seeing spells
Post # 8
I would in this case did spell "rassorka" or spell "lapel" of salt (at great strife) or better yet rassorka damage to the relationship.

Before this ritual should get:

A. handkerchief, which you will at least let a tear again
Two. cemetery nail
Three. hammer
4. photographs of those who wish to embroil
Five. buy a candle, church

It should work to go to church not to baptize, and to do the following:
A. Buy a candle
Two. without bargaining to give money, putting into a separate pocket
Three. away without looking back and not crossing

Should be done at the full moon.
At the cemetery, pick the most seedy grave, unmade, with a slanting cross can be sure the group (where relatives buried - it is possible where the husband and wife). Worship the dead, dig a hole, get a church candle and photos of those people who drop litter gathered from the bottom ignites a candle and read seven times in the photo:

He was a native
He became a stranger
Do not know each other
Can not hear
White can not see the day
Be your servant (name)
On the slave (name) in the mountain
Not in the old-generation
Not in the clan - tribe
Krovushkoy unrelated
Spirit is not ohazhennym
Wine is not watering
Edoyu not fed
Do not see the
Do not have known
By not met.
The key, lock, language.

After you put the picture into the grave, extinguish the candle and then throw beyond the cemetery. Put into the grave cloth tear at things and say:

How wept and suffered
Tears shed
So you servant (name) to the slave (name) Weep
Suffer, to each other with light szhivayte
Not the world
Do not promise
no words
not by the works
Only tears pour
Yes, beat each other,
Tear and bite
With light szhivayte
Do not you be in relationship
And to be in ugliness
With each other in hatred
In the isolation and gnevosti.
My case does not break
The dead from the grave does not raise
My word
Black case.

After you pull out a hammer and nail Drives a pick through it in a photo with the words:

As a nail went through your grave
So you anger to one another boil
Before the disease to depression to the grave.

Pull out detail from his pocket, put in a hole and say, paid off.
Go away without looking back.

Usually qn hungry for three to five days before the ritual. This is done for the accumulation of anger, power and energy.
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Re: seeing spells
Post # 9

Keep your hopes up high and your head down low.Maybe leave for a while if the air gets too thick.

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