Karma,Rule of 3 etc

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Karma,Rule of 3 etc
Post # 1
Everyone always talks about the "Rule of Three" when talking about negative magic. They do this to warn people that any negativity they send out they will recieve back in some form or fashion. Following this logic would say that any good spells one sends out they would recieve good "karma" back. Assuming this is true then my question is what about good magic you cast on yourself? There are many luck spells on this site if one casts a good luck spell on himself is this good or bad? The spell itself says it's positive magic yet casting a spell on oneself is in itself a selfish act...which would be negative... so which is it? And what are the reprucussions and who does the rule of 3 affect in this case? thanks!
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Re: Karma,Rule of 3 etc
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
to cast a spell on yourself will not bring you negative karma
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Re: Karma,Rule of 3 etc
Post # 3
I don't believe in the Threefold Law. That is primarily a Wiccan belief. I believe in karma and in Jesus' command to "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". I think that whatever you put out into the Universe, whether it be good thoughts, bad thoughts, good deeds, bad deeds, etc., it will come back to you in one or another.

Whether something is "good" or "bad" depends on your intentions towards it. If you give money to a charity because you truly want to help that charity, that's a good thing. If you give money to a charity because you want the recognition that you may receive from other people when they see how generous you were, then the recognition itself will be your reward because your intention was selfish. There will be no financial reward if your motive was self-centered.

There is plenty of money to be had in the world and having money for yourself is not a bad thing. I don't even think that doing money spells is a bad thing, but again, that depends on your motive. If you want money so that you can have a happier life and you plan to share your wealth and joy with others, then you will be rewarded. But if your intention in making money is to brag about it or show it off so that you can feel superior to other people, you will likely not make money and if you do make some money, you may lose it if you aren't grateful and humble about it.

The main thing is that you really have to get in touch with your inner self. You have to understand your own motives for the actions that you take. Most people really think they are good people, but I would venture a bet that the majority of people who think they are good are acting out of selfish motives. So that is something you might want to consider before casting spells.

One tip... I have found that the more you use your gifts and talents to help other people, the more the Universe/God rewards you with money and other nice things.
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Re: Karma,Rule of 3 etc
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It's a personal choice to believe in these things or not. There is one law I do believe in though, and it's quite easy to see, and that is "cause and effect". =)

Please, don't let the new agers cause you to think karma has any link to the wiccan rule of three. Karma is all about the afterlife, your next life, and the advancement of your spirit in general. It has been twisted incorrectly to be seen as some invisible force of justice that strikes at you when you do something "bad". That is not the case. Just being unhappy about yourself and/or your life gives you "bad karma". Why? Because having "good karma" is traveling forward on the path to enlightenment which eliminates all sense of "self" and only focuses on oneness with all. Food for thought.

Do I believe in karma? Sort of. But that's for another topic. Do I believe in the law of three? No way.
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Re: Karma,Rule of 3 etc
Post # 5
i don't also believe in karma in a sense that if you do something bad, then bad things will happen to you too and/or vice versa..

rules of three? i don't know, but one of the member here who is a wiccan said that this rules of three do not really defines as if do something, it will comes back to you threefold but rather she (if i'm not mistaken) defines it as if you do something (either be good or bad) it will affect your physical self, your soul, and your spirit..

well actually i view this as always a challenge.. why? first of all, if you want to do something then think of it many times, all the possible outcome, think of it wisely so that if you succeed then celebrate but if you fail, you won't blame others but you alone.. and because of this mistakes you will gain wisdom.. its more like "cause and effect" as what beautiful whiterav3n have said.. lol.. ;)

and casting spells either be on yourself or the others isn't really that bad.. first of all, you should know how would you define "BAD" in a sense when making a decision/casting spells.. people view this term "BAD" or "GOOD" differently.. well, its up to you..
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Re: Karma,Rule of 3 etc
Post # 6
Well as I stated I don't believe in any of this... what I do is what I do and if there are consequences so be it. I was just curious as to opinion because as I said it seems like everyone on here are casting luck, money, and other assorted spells on themselves and others thinking nothing of it yet if someone suggests doing harm or casting the opposite of one of those spells everyone on here busts out with their version of the 3rule etc. I find it ironic that people consider the selfish act of retribution negative while the selfish act of casting for personnal gain(money luck etc.) is perfectly acceptable.
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Re: Karma,Rule of 3 etc
Post # 7
I think that karma shows ot self in small portions in your life, and in large amounts after death.
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