needing help asap please

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needing help asap please
Post # 1
Hello everyone,
I'm new to this site. Im in need of help pls. This guy that im with is so negative. And I try getting away from him and he wont leave. I mean since I have met him and got involved with him. My life has been hell. Ihave lost two jobs because he'd jealous. And I totalled my truck in January because he wants to stay up and argue until 3 or 4 in the morning. And the job I did have I got fired because he would call up to my work all day wanting to argue. Now im unemplyed.stressing out about my bills and money. This guy doesnt want to work. He lies about everything. He lied to me about getting kicked out of were he was living at. Just so I would let him come back to my house. My 16yr old son doesnt like him my little boys dont want him here because all we do is argue and yell. I want him to get out of my house and leave me alone. Hes like a live bad luck charm. Please does someone have a quick easy spell that works fast to make him leave? Please please
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Re: needing help asap please
Post # 2
You probably need something more than a spell to help you in this situation it sounds pretty serious. I'm not claiming to be an expert but I just cast a binding spell on a woman the other day who was making my daughter unhappy. She had just started a course that cost $10,000 and was loving it. The woman who is 22 befriended her (my daughter is 16) and started criticizing her all the time and generally undermining her confidence. I just looked up binding spells on Google until I found one that I thought had possibilities. It involved brown paper, coffee grounds and a freezer. I got my daughter to do it herself as I thought it would work better and empower her a little bit. The next day the woman was absent from the course. That is the outcome so far because we only did it on Thursday but I'm feeling positive. I had success with a different kind of freezer spell before. You just need to find a spell that resounds with you.
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