i dont know what to do

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> i dont know what to do

i dont know what to do
Post # 1
A few weeks ago i had a dream where Eris the greek god of discord and strife visited me. She told me i was her son. After that everywhere i go mayhem and disorder happens when i physically did not do anything. Before the dream things have always hapenened where i went but not frequently enough for me to take them into to much consideration. The thing is it never really affects me just the people around me If i get really angry at someone something bad happens to them such as stuff is stolen from them. It is frequent enough that my friends who are not magicians notice it but cannot find a logical explanation for it. Does anyone know what i should do
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Re: i dont know what to do
Post # 2
Remember a few weeks ago, you watched the film "Clash of the Titans"? Your dream may be impressed by this film, or watched others like him
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Re: i dont know what to do
Post # 3
I didnt watch clash of the titans and it has been a long time since i watched any mythological movies
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Re: i dont know what to do
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Perhaps you have some connection or appeal to Eris as a Goddess, though I am unsure, You could always simply meditate, invoke, and otherwise attempt working with her. Being as though I've never done work with most Greek deities, I would talk to someone a bit more experienced in that field.

Then again, keep in mind sometimes a dream is just a dream. There's not always a cause to think too deeply into whatever you see. It can all be coincidence. Never overlook that fact.

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Re: i dont know what to do
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Why not honor the goddess in a ritual so that she comes to you and then ask her? Gods and goddesses took on priests and priestesses of them as something like adopted children. This is most likely the case with you, another life perhaps or merely spiritual existence.

She would be the best source to learn about how to control your gift. Such deities are hard to handle for our physical minds. Many such deities can cause their patrons to go insane when they cannot grasp full understanding and maintain balance within themselves. She is interchangeably used with the war goddess Enyo, so you may be able to find more info on her more accepted personality within those referrences.

She is also known as Discordian and their is a full religion surrounding her. You should research it.

She is the daughter of Nyx, so I would suggest asking Nyx for guidance as well. Including Nyx in your worship may help you to remain balanced seeing that she is more powerful than Eris and would know her children well enough.

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